Tag: Bureau of Automotive Repair Invalidation

December 31, 2018 - Los Angeles, California. Automotive Defense Specialists, a team of lawyers defending SMOG shops and technicians against California's Bureau of Automotive Repair, is announcing an important emphasis. The law firm is emphasizing STAR Program invalidation defense actions and disputes in its practice going forward. The STAR Program is the Bureau of Automotive [...]
Business is a numbers game, plain and simple. How many employees you retain should be balanced by the number of customers you serve and the products you sell. When business is slow, an auto shop might offer a special deal to boost the numbers. A $25 SMOG inspection or $20 oil change could improve a [...]
November 28, 2018 - Santa Clara, California. Automotive Defense Specialists, expert auto shop defense attorneys, are proud to release a new informative video on YouTube on so-called "STAR invalidations" from the Bureau of Automotive Repair. The STAR Program is an initiative by California's Bureau of Automotive Repair for SMOG check stations that have to meet [...]
The holiday rush is on and families are going to be on the road to spend time with relatives all the way through New Year’s Eve. Packing and planning go into high gear this time of year. Leaving home for a winter vacation includes a long list of “things to get done” around the house [...]
Updated: 10/31/2018. During the Halloween season, people love to hunker down with a bowel of popcorn and watch a good old scary flick. It’s a tradition in many households to get their heart pumping with a fun scare while passing out candy to little goblins ringing the doorbell. In other households, it could be a [...]
As attorneys who represent station owners and technicians against California's Bureau of Automotive Repair, we get more than our fair share of inquiries. Often it's a letter, a citation, or an accusation from the Bureau that sparks the inquiry. The bewildered station owner or technician isn't always even aware of what the alleged violation was, [...]