Don’t let a Bureau of Automotive Repair Invalidation get in Lost in the Holiday Rush

The holiday rush is on and families are going to be on the road to spend time with relatives all the way through New Year’s Eve. Packing and planning go into high gear this time of year. SMOG check stationLeaving home for a winter vacation includes a long list of “things to get done” around the house like finding a dog sitter, emptying the fridge and forwarding the mail. For California consumers, it also means getting the car checked, including taking it in for a SMOG check before hitting the road. The holiday rush isn’t only for the shopping malls and restaurants, auto shops may have anxious customers waiting in line to get checked by a STAR certified technician. Meeting the demands of extra customers during the fall and winter months can prove to be stressful, but expert SMOG shops know the drill and manage just fine. That is, until a Bureau of Automotive Repair invalidation letter shows up with the Christmas cards! All of a sudden, a SMOG shop has a long line of customers AND a day in court! If they don’t plan and prepare they could miss an essential deadline which could mean losing their STAR certification. That’s not the type of holiday surprise a busy SMOG shop looks forward to!

Let a Top Attorney Handle Your Bureau of Automotive Repair Invalidation Letter to Stay in the Holiday Spirit

Mistakes can happen when time is short and you’ve got a deadline to get to Grandma’s house ten hours away. People can forget to empty the cat litter box or take out the trash. That could mean an unpleasant experience when they get back home, but it’s easily remedied. If a SMOG shop receives a Bureau of Automotive Repair invalidation letter, the fix may not be so simple. however. A STAR certified technician may or may not have made a mistake. Confusing, right? The BAR has a long list of possible violations that are not easy to decipher. Depending on the vehicle and the testing it could be things such as: deviations for an EGR, No BAR97 machine and ASM restarts and aborts. Each type of STAR appeal requires a different kind of legal defense plan. That’s why contacting an auto defense lawyer skilled in managing Bureau of Auto Repair invalidation letters IS the right step to take. Holiday customers do not have time to wait around for a SMOG check, they need a SMOG technician’s full attention. They want to get on the road and start their holiday celebration. While you are busy doing your job, we can get to business managing a Bureau of Automotive Repair invalidation letter or other dispute with the California Bureau of Automotive Repair. You won’t miss an appeal or pass an important deadline while still juggling the many SMOG inspections of your customers.

Now that’s how to stay in the holiday spirit!


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