Protect Your American Dream with an Expert Defense Attorney to Defend Against the Bureau of Automotive Repair

It’s a common theme nowadays to hear “do what you love.” This isn’t new. Adam Smith in his Wealth of Nations published in 1776 advocated a “division of labor.” This concept means that you do what you’re good at, and let me do what I’m good at. It’s an all-American concept to reach for our dreams and that includes the right career.

Bureau of Automotive Repair Citation

Everyone’s idea of the perfect job can be different, however. Some Californians want to open up the best breakfast joint in their neighborhood. Others may see themselves selling an organic line of beard and mustache oil. Whether it’s owning your own business or inventing the newest trend, living a dream can lead to a very satisfying life. It’s been our dream to fight for the rights of auto mechanics and dealerships against California’s Bureau of Automotive Repair. We know how hard it is to make the reality of owning a STAR certified SMOG shop come true. But even if you’re lucky enough to live your dream, it may feel like a nightmare when you receive a SMOG citation letter or potential invalidation of your STAR certificate. That’s when you need a top defense attorney to defend against the Bureau of Automotive Repair.

We Live the American Dream as Defense Attorneys Defending against the Bureau of Automotive Repair

It may not be common knowledge, but several attorneys on our team started out as auto shop owners and auto technicians. (OK, we’re car nuts – we admit it). We managed SMOG checks and worked alongside other mechanics. It was great to be a part of such a dedicated community. When our friends got an accusation in the mail, we quickly learned how easily dreams can be crushed by receiving a letter from the Bureau of Automotive Repair. Our colleagues lost everything due to a STAR citation or BAR accusation. We decided to let our dream evolve and worked hard to become the best defense attorneys to defend against the Bureau of Automotive Repair. Now, not only do we know what it’s like to run an auto repair business, we also understand how to fight the Bureau of Auto Repair. We know how it’s easy to believe you are following the acceptable trade standards and STAR guidelines. Yet, a fully-trained SMOG technician in your shop can still receive a STAR citation! Don’t let them crush your dreams. Do what you’re good at; running your shop. Let us do what we are good at; being the best defense attorneys defending against the Bureau of Automotive Repair. When you receive a citation letter from the Bureau of Automotive Repair, there’s an auto defense lawyer on your side.


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