A Bureau of Automotive Repair Defense Attorney can Help your Smog Station Score a Touchdown in Court

There’s nothing like watching an exciting football game. The fans are cheering, bets are made and the players are laser-focused to win. A great game includes unexpected moves and razor-thin leads with the catch of the football. Just when you think the game is over, BAM, a pass turns into a touchdown for the underdog team. Bureau of Automotive Repair DEFENSE attorneyIt’s moments like those that make us jump out of chairs in joy or agony…depending on which team you’re rooting for. Either way it’s all in great fun and we look forward to the next electrifying season.

So let’s talk about a moment where jumping out of your seat in surprise isn’t exciting or fun. For instance, if you’ve received a Bureau of Automotive Repair SMOG accusation letter you’re probably feeling more like the football rather than the star player and just got kicked onto the field with a lineup of Big Uglies. Bureau of Automotive Repair lawyers know what they are doing and they don’t play around. They understand every rule and will be the first to cry “foul” if you make one wrong move. Instead of trying to scrimmage with them on your own, you need a star Bureau of Automotive Repair defense attorney to blitz the prosecution.

Let a Bureau of Automotive Repair Defense Attorney Run You Safely to the End Zone

By the time a football team has walked on the field, a game plan is already in place. They know both the common and no-so-common maneuvers that can be played by their rivals. You could say working with an expert Bureau of Automotive Repair defense attorney is like having a winning quarterback on your side. We know that defending against a STAR accusation letter could turn into a “bootleg” maneuver in court. If you are unfamiliar with the move, that’s when the ball is sent in a completely new direction than expected. If you aren’t aware of what is happening or know the best tactic to recover, it could mean losing a SMOG station certification. Game over.

If you own a STAR station, you’ve worked hard to stand out in comparison to other auto repair shops. Being the proud owner of a STAR certification requires a pursuit of excellence, integrity and meeting high performance standards. Just like the much-respected Heisman Trophy, a STAR certification can only be earned by the best SMOG shops in the business. As professional Bureau of Automotive Repair defense attorneys, our job is to ensure you keep that STAR certification in place. Our auto defense lawyers will put together a game plan to help you score the final touchdown against a Bureau of Automotive Repair accusation. Contact us to meet and discuss a winning defensive strategy!


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