Avoid the Hocus Pocus of Bureau of Automotive Repair Undercover Cars and Vehicles.

Who doesn’t love a good magic trick? Whether it’s a street performer “levitating” off the curb or the classic “disappearing coin,” it always leaves us scratching our heads. Even if we know how the trick is done, a master magician can still make us wonder how they made it look so easy.

Bureau of Automotive Repair Undercover Cars

Automotive Repair defense

That’s their job, to confuse and amaze! Many times, on stage it’s the lovely assistant who is the accomplice. An assistant can seem like a sidekick when in reality, they help the magician pull off some of the best illusions. While you are busy enjoying the flash and pizzazz of the lights and costumes, there is deception occurring right before your very eyes

Think of a Bureau of Automotive Repair undercover car as the “lovely assistant” in a court case. An auto repair shop could be going about everyday business when poof, a citation letter appears! Your SMOG technician has unknowingly serviced an undercover car from the Bureau of Automotive Repair. This kind of trick happens frequently to STAR certified auto shops. The BAR does it to ensure SMOG inspections are managed properly, but what you see under the hood can be deceptive. Various devices have been placed in plain sight to distract and confuse. Our auto defense attorneys know the maneuvers they use to distract a skilled SMOG technician, and we know how to defend your legal rights vis-a-vis the Bureau of Automotive Repair.

Despite the magic: remember, you have rights!

Abracadabra: You’ve just seen a Bureau of Automotive Repair Undercover Vehicle!

Normally, if an audience member is brought up on stage, they are asked to hand over something of value, like a ring or watch. No matter what a magician does to the item, smash it or throw it in the air, it always comes back to the audience member in perfect condition. If your SMOG technician has serviced a Bureau of Automotive Repair undercover car or vehicle, however, your STAR certification may come back damaged. A STAR violation can lower scores and could possibly lead to an invalidation. If you don’t have an expert auto defense attorney on your side in court, your SMOG business or STAR station could be in jeopardy of doing a vanishing act!

We understand it’s the job of the California Bureau of Automotive repair to test the quality of SMOG shops and dealerships. A Bureau of Automotive Repair undercover car is a tactic to find violations. We also know that the smoke and mirrors used in this process can confuse a hard-working SMOG technician. Simple tricks and disguises under the hood can result in the wrong evaluation by a skilled SMOG technician. We are here to pull back the curtain and make sure you can leave court with your business intact. Call our defense attorneys if you’ve experiences the hocus pocus of a Bureau of Automotive Repair undercover car or vehicle.


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