Clearing the Air about Bureau of Automotive Repair SMOG Checks

As attorneys who defend SMOG stations and auto shops from the Bureau of Automotive Repair, we may sound as if we don’t appreciate what they do. That’s not true. Bureau of Automotive Repair SMOG checks have given California residents cleaner air to breathe. Bureau of Automotive Repair AttorneysTheir inspections and STAR certifications have ensured consumers can find the best auto repair and SMOG shops to keep their cars running well. That’s wonderful and we have no argument about the final result of hard work and environmental protection. Yet not all Californians are treated the same when it comes to Bureau of Automotive Repair SMOG checks. Specifically, the Californians who run businesses providing this important service are sometimes not given a “fair shake.”

As a state agency, the BAR protects California consumers and holds businesses accountable for the SMOG inspection process. Yet, while they show concern for how a consumer is treated, they sometimes show little concern for how they treat SMOG shops, dealerships and mom and pop shops. Although our defense attorneys have no argument with what the ultimate goal is, we do have something to say about the respect your business is given when it involves a BAR citation letter or other potential action. They may care more about the consumer, but we care about YOU. That’s where the real debate happens in court.

Bureau of Automotive Repair SMOG checks and Getting the Respect Your Shop Deserves

Many times SMOG shop owners can feel as if they are being unfairly targeted after receiving an accusation, letter, citation or other form of action from the Bureau of Automotive repair. They can be accused of failure to use the correct testing system, which is vague for a reason. Being accused of an improper Bureau of Automotive Repair SMOG check can mean many different things and each case is unique. Still, the wording is harsh and the possibility of losing a STAR certification is real. Threatening the livelihood of a SMOG shop owner can create hard feelings between the “regulators” and the “regulated.” Mutual respect is important and that includes the Bureau respecting station owners and SMOG check technicians are “innocent until proven guilty.”

The saying “treat people how to treat you” makes sense when dealing with the Bureau. It begins with demanding the same respect from the Bureau that they would give any other Californian; a fair hearing. Our auto defense attorneys know exactly what to do to start the conversation before the court date arrives. That includes filing a notice of opposition to ensure you receive all the legal rights and protections you deserve. A Bureau of Automotive Repair SMOG check or STAR certification issue doesn’t have to pit Californians against each other. Contact us for a consultation and we can begin to clear the air.


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