Whatever It’s Called, a Bureau of Automotive Repair Law Firm Can Defend a SMOG Shop Accusation

Sometimes working in the auto repair and SMOG business can be a bit stressful. You’ve got anxious customers to keep calm. There are unexpected emergencies like a tow truck driver pulling up to the shop with a long-term customer’s “baby” at 4pm. Bureau of Automotive Repair DEFENSE attorneyMaybe it’s the day a trusted auto repair tech is bedridden due to a terrible flu…and the SMOG testing schedule is overbooked! These things happen. You could call them a “cluster of messes.” If Murphy’s Law is working overtime there might be a SMOG violation letter in the mail too. At that point, a team of Bureau of Automotive Repair law firm defense attorneys are to be called upon for help.

Our question is, what do you actually call a group of lawyers?

We know a group of birds is called a flock. More interestingly there is a smack of jellyfish, a muster of peacocks and a scurry of squirrels. For auto defense lawyers, it’s not so entertaining. If you Google it, you’ll find the term “legislature” or “firm.” After receiving a STAR program accusation, it probably won’t matter what a group of lawyers is called. You just need the best Bureau of Automotive Repair Law Firm to defend your auto shop in court!

Bureau of Automotive Repair Law Firm Could Defend Against a Shiver of Sharks in Court

Receiving any type of accusation letter from the BAR can be unnerving. Whether it’s a STAR invalidation or SMOG citation, if not managed right it can mean losing a SMOG testing business. So we’d like call this grouping a “scare” of Bureau of Automotive Repair letters. An auto shop owner or car dealer may not know what will happen next. It can feel as if a shiver of sharks is circling your shop ready to strike. Instead of trying to fight them on your own, it’s best to contact a Bureau of Automotive Repair law firm to defend a valuable STAR certification.

Our auto defense lawyers normally find that an accusation letter isn’t the end of a SMOG testing business. There are several groupings of standards and licensing details connected to any type of violation letter the Bureau of Automotive Repaid sends. A top law firm of expert defense attorneys can flush out a misunderstanding. If you’ve received an interim suspension notice, we can assist. Our team can also help issue a request to appeal a STAR invalidation. Like every day in an auto shop, there are several unexpected problems we know how to get through. Our Bureau of Automotive Repair law firm can classify the accusations and deal with them. If there’s a SMOG violation letter on your desk, contact us!


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