How SMOG Shops can stay at the Top of the Class with A STAR Program Report Card

Remember in school how grades were considered the number one indicator of a successful future? A lot of parents stressed about their kids’ grades.

STAR program report card - Bureau of Automotive Repair

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If little Bobby was getting A’s and B’s, then things were okay. Yet if his math grade began to drop to a C or D, something had to be done. The anticipation of a good report card could make life miserable for both kids and their parents. Things haven’t changed much. If you have kids, you are probably as concerned about their grades as your own parents were. If you’re an auto shop owner with a SMOG check program, the fear of a bad STAR report card can be another worry. The stress of meeting STAR performance measures can greatly affect a SMOG inspection business.

In the STAR grading program, the name of the game is the Fail Pass Rate (FPR) score. Just like a straight “A” student looking for that 4.0 GPA on their report card, a SMOG station owner wants to see a score at or above the 0.40 line. If you haven’t paid attention to your STAR program report card lately, click on this link to review your current stations STAR score. Remember, technicians also receive STAR scores. If they don’t have one yet, they can work under a shops score. If they, or the shop drops at or below 0.10 this is something to worry about. The Bureau of Automotive Repair may be ready to send out a violation letter to your shop. It will feel less like a parent-teacher conference, and more like a serious discussion with the principal! (Note: the preceeding is for illustrative purposes only; check with the Bureau of Automotive Repair for the latest updates and requirements!)

How to Make the Grade on a STAR Program Report Card

There are some students who seem to have the intelligence, but are scoring low on their report cards anyway. Learning disabilities that used to block a child’s potential can be evaluated and managed. Today, skilled tutors and special education experts can help students find the right tools and offer a brighter future. If your SMOG shop has been struggling with a STAR score and the Bureau of Automotive Repair, it’s time to call an expert auto defense attorney. Our team can evaluate your STAR program report card and help pinpoint where the biggest challenges are. It’s our job to defend your SMOG station and help solve any misunderstandings.

There could be several reasons why a STAR program report card reflects a low rating. Just like on a final test in school, performance measures can be misinterpreted by either the shop or the Bureau of Automotive Repair. A few key behaviors that affect a stations FPR score include varied inspection criteria. For example, the Similar Vehicle Failure Rate, or SVFR. Even with a pre-test to prepare for the initial test, something can get lost in the translation.

For a full review of STAR program report card details and scoring issues, go to the BAR website. If the SMOG shops STAR rating isn’t making the grade, don’t give up and allow the Bureau of Automotive Repair to rescind your STAR certificate. Contact our auto defense attorney’s for a consultation and we’ll help you improve your score and “graduate” on time!

Photo credit: Prayitno / Thank you for (12 millions +) view via / CC BY


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