“One of Those Days” and Receiving a Bureau of Automotive Repair Citation

A bad day can start off like any other day. The California sun is out, you’re pumped about getting to work and then out of nowhere a pile of bad things add up. Some jerk runs the red light and almost hits you.

Bureau of Automotive Repair citation

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Maybe you got back to your car after picking up your morning coffee and find a parking ticket on the windshield. Then you spill the coffee on your clean shirt. To top it off, when you get to work, there’s a Bureau of Automotive Repair citation on the shop desk! Things just went from bad to worse!

At this point, you might be thinking there’s no way to turn this day around. Planning to fight a team of lawyers from the Bureau of Automotive Repair in court isn’t something to look forward to. Yet it feels like a Bureau of Automotive Repair citation letter has made it a done deal. Sure, it would be great if you could press “rewind” and start the morning over, but since that’s not possible, contact our expert team of auto repair shop defense lawyers instead. We can’t stop a BAR letter from showing up on your desk, but we can fight a SMOG or STAR Program violation letter to dial back the damage.

Don’t let a Bureau of Automotive Repair Citation make you Sing the Blues

Ever get to the end of a bad day and just want to go have a beer and listen to some blues? Maybe you want to write your own ditty called “Losing my STAR to the BAR?” Before you grab your pick and dreadnought steel string, don’t start composing quite yet! There is still time to overcome a Bureau of Automotive Repair citation. Our auto defense attorneys are used to turning things around for beleaguered SMOG technicians. We’ve seen mom and pop shops receive serious violation letters to end up walking out of court with their STAR certification intact.

If you still like the blues, go ahead and sing away. Sing about losing your dog, your girl or your teeth. Just remember, you don’t have to sing about losing a SMOG certification or STAR Program certification because of a Bureau of Automotive Repair citation! We will do our best to make sure of it. Many attorneys on our team were once in the SMOG business too. We saw first-hand how easy it was for the California Bureau of Automotive Repair to threaten hard-working auto technicians with SMOG violation letters. We saw many of our colleagues bad days turn into worse days when they lost it all due to a day in court. Now that we fight Bureau of Automotive Repair citations, we can tell you it’s possible to win. Instead of singing the blues about a citation letter from the Bureau of Automotive Repair, call us and you could be back singing a happy tune.


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