A Top Lawyer for SMOG Check Technicians Can handle the Blame Game

Everyone loves a winner. When a politician has won an election here in California, folks wait in line to wish them well and take a bit of credit for the well-run campaign. If a soccer team has won the FIFA World Cup, everyone wants a piece of the glory. It can require a team of people to help one achieve an ultimate goal, that’s true.

Lawyer for SMOG check technicians

When someone loses? No one raises their hand to accept the failure, even if they contributed. Most likely, a loser will be left to stand alone and take the blame.

This is scapegoating my friends. As lawyers for SMOG check technicians, we tend to hear the stories. On a normal day, most customers will pass a smog test and everyone is happy. Good job everyone! The drama occurs when a customer’s car has failed a STAR test and they refuse to accept the bad news. The finger pointing can get out of control sometimes. A professional SMOG technician can blamed for doing a poor job even when they are just the messenger. Those stories are frustrating, but are not any real threat to the day to day business of a STAR certified SMOG shop.

Of course, our auto defense attorneys have seen the ugly flipside.

A top Team of Lawyers for Smog Check Technicians Put Scapegoating out to Pasture

Let’s say a car passes a SMOG test. This should be good news for everyone, right? If it’s a Bureau of Automotive Repair undercover car, nobody wins and the blame goes straight to the SMOG shop. The result can mean a serious loss to the shop owner. An important STAR certification could be in the balance. As professional lawyers for SMOG check technicians, auto repair shops, and STAR program participants here in California, we know you’ve been scapegoated. Smog check defeat devices are a big problem in California right now and can deceive common testing tools. The Bureau of Automotive Repair have worked to shift the blame towards hard-working SMOG technicians instead of seeing that a lot of the blame lays on unscrupulous used car dealers and even end users.

Instead of grilling a SMOG technician for what they did, we defend them. We know Smog check defeat devices are difficult to detect, and honest mistakes can be made. If one comes through in a BAR undercover car, it’s like setting technicians up to fail. Our team of lawyers for Smog check technicians know that there’s plenty of blame to go around. So instead of accepting defeat and losing your STAR certified business, fight back and contact us. We know that when the BAR points a finger at you, they can be wrong.


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