Smog Check Defeat Devices and the Art of Deception

Everyone likes to find a deal. Whether it’s discovering cheap tickets to a Toby Keith concert or scoring an iPad on a deep discount website. It feels good to know you “beat the system” and saved a few bucks.

SMOG check defeat devices

Photo credit: Mic V. via / CC BY

Of course a smart bargain shopper will keep the the term “buyer beware” in the back of their mind when considering any deal. Maybe those concert tickets you ordered on Craig List turned out to be fakes? That iPad on “Bob’s-uber-bargain-basement” website is beyond gently used by a previous owner. Sometimes we go into these deals knowing it’s a risk. Other times we think we’ve done our research, yet end up losing out anyway. The real damage happens when we suffer from the choices of others. We didn’t know…but we pay the price anyway.

In the auto shop world, smog check defeat devices tend to work like this. A perfect example is how simulators can get cars to pass inspection unbeknownst to a professional auto technician. It can start with a customer on a tight budget and desperate for a car. The sales dude at Lou’s Second Hand Wrecks offer a decent looking auto for a killer deal. Of course the “check engine light” is on, but he tells the customer not to worry. He knows a guy who can get the car certified for a just a few bucks. That bargain repair includes the installation of a well-known smog check defeat device known as a simulator.

Guilt by Association and SMOG Check Defeat Devices

Your technician may know what a simulator is, but may be unaware it’s helping that second-hand deal pass the SMOG check in your shop. Sure, you’re completely innocent but the Bureau of Auto Repair doesn’t care. If a smog check defeat device was used, the BAR may still consider your auto shop responsible! Negligent or not, a case is being built against your business that could result in a Bureau of Automotive Repair accusation letter. At that point you may need our team of auto defense lawyers to step in, but we’d like to save you a few bucks too. Our advice is this; invest in a scanner capable of transmitting live data.

The scanner will help a SMOG technician easily detect the nefarious work under the hood. Afterwards, the tech can give a customer some sound advice what to do next since their car didn’t pass inspection. In reality, the customer may not even realize a SMOG check defeat device was installed. They probably just thought they were lucky to find such a bargain. Sadly their purchase may become a headache, but at least it’s not your headache!

We love supporting certified SMOG inspection shops against accusations from the Bureau of Auto Repair. Frankly we’d rather our clients save their time in court on cases that are harder to solve on their own. Smog check defeat devices do not have to ruin a SMOG shop business. The deceptive and common tactics used by car flippers and unethical car dealers are an easy fix. Consider our advice a deal you can’t pass up!

Photo credit: Mic V. via / CC BY


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