Used Car Dealers and SMOG Check Defeat Devices

As technology advances, the world seems to get smaller, especially when it comes to the shipping of goods. In California we have access to goods from around the world. Want to order a Celtic-style door made in Scotland for your house?

SMOG check defeat devices

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It can be purchased and shipped in a few weeks. Require real Canadian maple syrup processed by real Canadian trees? Click on Amazon and it can be at your house by Saturday breakfast. Just about anything can found and shipped anywhere. If you own a business, this can be extremely helpful. Specialized inventory can be bought and shipped “as needed” instead of gathering dust and taking up shelf space. That can be a great advantage.

Some business owners may by looking to get the upper hand and unload their less-than-perfect products. For a used car dealer searching for a shortcut, a few clicks of the computer keys can sell an unsellable car. Smog check defeat devices can be ordered and shipped from across the Pacific within the week. You might be thinking “what has this got to do with me?” Even if you’re a certified STAR technician managing SMOG checks with the height of integrity, it can still become your problem.

To Tell the Truth and Smog Check Defeat Devices

We know a STAR certified smog business is 100% committed to above-board testing and service. It could be a surprise to learn a letter from the Bureau of Automotive repair can still show up. Why? Some businesses are not so honest. Smog check defeat devices are the darling of unscrupulous used auto dealers, specifically because they are hard to detect. It’s a great way to offload a lemon to an unsuspecting customer. For you, that’s trouble. By the time this car shows up to your auto shop, even the customer can be clueless to what’s really going on. If it passes a SMOG test (and it will), you won’t know it’s a lemon either.

Here’s the real problem; The Bureau of Automotive Repair doesn’t care if you were tricked. That car passed a SMOG test in your shop and it should not be on the road! You, my friend, are still considered responsible. That’s when it’s time to contact us. Our team of Bureau of Automotive Defense Lawyers are very familiar with smog check defeat devices and how easily they can be installed by a dishonest used car dealer. The testing can produce readings that could financially ruin an auto shop. Whether the device was installed by a used car dealer or shows up in the form of an undercover car, an honest STAR certified smog shop doesn’t have to accept the blame. Our auto defense attorneys will expose the truth about smog check defeat devices in court.

Photo credit: woodleywonderworks via / CC BY


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