A Good Defense Attorney Against the Bureau of Automotive Repair Can Stop a STAR Certification from Going up in Smoke

This summer we have learned that having a good defense plan is vital to surviving the threat of a raging fire. It’s never guaranteed that a house will survive, but preparedness did help many a California family from losing precious lives and keepsakes.

Bureau of Automotive Repair Undercover Cars

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Although it may be important for everyone to be prepared, Californians living in rural and forested areas should be especially cautious. The chances of a blaze taking over these vulnerable areas is especially high.

We think it’s the same for SMOG shops. A SMOG shop should always be prepared to receive an accusation letter from the Bureau of Auto Repair. The state agency is notorious for sending out violation letters to STAR certified shops. Even if you think you aren’t in danger, winds can change course and head your way.

Defensible Space: Prepare for the Worst with a Good Defense Attorney to Fight against the Bureau of Automotive Repair

Fire preparedness measures are vital to residents of California. We also think it’s just as important to prepare for a letter from the Bureau of Automotive Repair. Even if your SMOG technicians are top notch, an undercover car can show up in a shop and ignite havoc. It’s important to have a readiness plan. We’d like to share a few important preparedness tips;

1. Create a Defensible Space: Keeping the perimeter of a house clean of debris lowers the chance of a home catching fire. Keep your SMOG shop clean and all paperwork and certifications updated.
2. Watch the Latest Reports: Make sure to stay aware of the latest news about the Bureau of Automotive Repair. Right now, they are citing shops for not catching SMOG check defeat devices in their undercover cars.
3. Stay Connected with your Neighbors: Networking with other SMOG shops is a great way to stop a threat before it shows up at your door. If a specific undercover car is making the rounds, a colleague could raise the alarm.
4. Keep Training Up-to-Date: Always keep those STAR scores up and make sure your technicians receive current training.
5. Keep the Best Resources at your Disposal: A good defense attorney against the Bureau of Automotive Repair is a key resource. If you’ve been burned by an accusation letter, it is important to have a damage control expert on your side.
If you are a SMOG certified shop, take a tip from CalFire and plan ahead for any threats to your business. Not necessarily a fire, but from a Bureau of Automotive Repair accusation letter! Losing in court over a STAR violation could burn up your SMOG shop business and leave it financially devastated. The best defense is a good defense attorney against the Bureau of Automotive Repair!

Photo credit: woodleywonderworks via Foter.com / CC BY


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