Don’t Deny It! A Bureau of Automotive Repair Citation needs Attention ASAP

Notice how we always find the time to enjoy a favorite greasy hamburger joint with friends but how that same energy can’t be summoned to run for just a ½ hour to burn off a few chili fries?

Bureau of Automotive Repair Citation

Instead of dealing with the ever-expanding belly, we find simple “tricks” to believe it’s not that bad. We buy larger t-shirts, and push those tight jeans to the back of closet. We might even completely avoid lounging by the pool with anyone other than our loving dog. At some point the doctor provides a “come to Jesus” moment and gets brutally honest about what’s going to happen if you don’t start taking your health seriously.

Denial, like they say, isn’t a river in Egypt.

If you’ve received a Bureau of Automotive Repair citation, allowing a few notices to pile up could be just as detrimental to the health of your business. The problem isn’t going to disappear. In fact, the more it’s ignored the larger it becomes. What might have ended up as a simple fine could turn into a serious threat. A STAR citation letter can lead to a court date. If the date is missed it can lead to several other violation notices until one day you’ve just lost your SMOG certification!

Deal with It: Don’t Ignore a Bureau of Automotive Repair Citation

Yes, we get it. Dealing with the hard stuff isn’t fun. Sometimes we tell ourselves we can handle it alone. That’s not good either. Just like it’s smart to pay attention to your health, it’s also vital to make sure your STAR certification is in good shape. It’s the life’s blood of your SMOG business. That Bureau of Automotive Repair Citation could affect others too. Many auto technicians rely on a shops top STAR scores to earn their living.

There comes a time when a person realizes they can’t do something on their own. Don’t like doing the taxes? Get a CPA. Hate exercising alone? Join a running club. When it comes to a Bureau of Automotive Repair citation? You need an expert team of auto defense lawyers. We won’t ignore the truth and will do everything to immediately fight for your SMOG business. We also won’t let a BAR attorney deny you your rights in the courtroom.


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