Band Together and Learn How to Fight the Bureau of Automotive Repair

Auto shop techs are in a club by themselves. Who else knows what it’s like to SMOG test cars all day and deal with the specific challenges related to the job? Although auto repair shops can be in competition, individual technicians tend to have each other’s backs. Bureau of Automotive Repair Attorneys who FightThey share stories and advice in chat rooms and group pages. If a technician is confused about a new smog check law? Another poster will list the details and give a quick synopsis. When the new STAR scores are posted, tech’s will chat and brag about high scores while others complain about a drop. How can we relate to this unique tribe of people? Because several lawyers on our team were once SMOG techs themselves. We’re known as THE lawyers to call to dispute an issue with the Bureau of Automotive Repair. 

A frequent topic of discussion is the Bureau of Automotive Repair and how to fight back. This is where the clan truly becomes a support group. Tech’s share their personal stories and frustrations. They alert others when a specific “trap cars” are making the rounds at nearby SMOG shops. Posters will upload informative photos of undercover cars and what might be under the hood, like illegal performance chips. If a SMOG tech posts about receiving an accusation letter, it could be time to consider reaching out to a different team of experts.


Sometimes clans have to team up with like-minded groups to win against a common enemy. Face it, no matter how supportive your tech buddy is, they can’t go into court to fight your case. Consider our lawyers “kindred spirits.” We’ve been where you are, we understand the financial ruin that you’re worried about. Losing a SMOG certification means no smog testing and no pay. That’s why we said “enough is enough” and decided how to fight the Bureau of Automotive Repair as attorneys.

So when you come and tell our legal team the BAR sent the SMOG shop a violation for clean plugging, we understand. When you say the shop is innocent, we know that too. Let’s band together, and our lawyers will show you how to fight the Bureau of Automotive Repair.


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