All Businesses in California Have Rights – Even SMOG Station Owners

When you run a business in California you have rights. It may not seem that way at times, but the fact is that you do. And those rights exist, even against the government. And that even includes you SMOG station owners and technicians! Yes! You have the right to dispute a decision by California’s regulatory agency for car repairs and SMOG issues, that is the California Bureau of Automotive Repair.California business owners have rights.

Of course, the Bureau of Automotive Repair would like you to think that you don’t have any rights. Or even if you know you have rights, their attorneys would like you to believe that you have no chance of overturning their decision because they are, after all, the Bureau of Automotive Repair, and what they say, goes.

Er, no. Not necessarily. Not by a long way. But if you are going to dispute a decision by the BAR – and you should do – you need a qualified defense attorney for SMOG check stations. Whatever you do, don’t try and deal with it on your own. And that holds, even if you KNOW you are in the right. They will run rings around you!

Look, they have decided that you did something wrong and what they want to do now is to put you out of business. It doesn’t matter whether you are right or wrong – they just want to close you down. And this is why you need a defense attorney for SMOG check stations who can beat the Bureau of Automotive Repair at their own game.

You Don’t Need Just Any Attorney, But One Who Is A Specialist in Fighting for Technicians and Station Owners

Furthermore, you don’t need just any attorney, but one who knows the law and the SMOG check business inside out. And that would be us at Automotive Defense Specialists. It is what we do.

Our lead attorney, William Ferreira, is not only a highly qualified defense lawyer for automotive repair shops and technicians, but happens to have grown up in the automotive industry, having worked as a technician doing complete engine rebuilds, welding roll cages, diagnosing modern computerized vehicles, R & R work, and more. In fact, there is pretty much nothing that he hasn’t done, so he is not only a highly qualified lawyer, but also understands every facet of the automotive business.

William Ferreira has handled over 1,000 STAR Invalidation cases and has a 99.99% success rate at keeping his clients’ STAR Certification through both informal and formal administrative appeal, and he can do the same for you.

There is nobody more qualified as a defense attorney for SMOG check stations in California. We have offices in both San Francisco and Los Angeles, so we can help you wherever you happen to be. If you have received a decision from the Bureau of Automotive Repair, get in touch immediately.


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