The Job of a Smog Technician Involves Many Different Challenges

The job of a SMOG technician involves many challenges on a daily basis. Not the least of them is unhappy motorists who can sometimes be very awkward when you have failed their vehicle. The job of a SMOG technician is challenging here in CaliforniaBut you have to test it and come up with the right answer: the motorist may be unhappy, but you also have to keep the Bureau of Automotive Repair happy, and they are not easy to please, either.

Indeed, the possibility of SMOG check technician license revocation by the Bureau of Automotive Repair hangs over a SMOG technician on a daily basis too. Indeed, it is true that a lot of businesses require licenses, such as doctors and dentists, for example. That is only right. It is necessary to ensure that they achieve certain standards, and if they fall well below them, they can be a danger to other patients.

But when it comes to SMOG check technician license revocation, it certainly does seem that the Bureau of Automotive Repair often goes out of its’ way to try to find that a technician has done something wrong. Why send out undercover vehicles otherwise? And that is just what they do: send out a vehicle with a tiny fault in the hope that a technician won’t be able to find it so that they can then revoke that technician’s license. The technician is suddenly out of a job and cannot provide for his family, but as far as the Bureau of Automotive Repair is concerned, they have got a result! Being a SMOG technician or running a STAR station must be one of the few jobs where an authority deliberately tries to catch you out.

Talk To An Expert on SMOG Defense Litigation

This is why, if you receive any sort of contact from the Bureau of Automotive Repair, you need to talk to an expert attorney. Sure, you may think that it is nothing much, but is it really worth taking any risk? You could easily lose your livelihood.

At Automotive Defense Specialists we are unique in that we do nothing other than representing SMOG technicians and business owners who have been targeted by the Bureau of Automotive Repair. If you want to get a divorce or need help writing your will, please don’t call us. All we do is take on the Bureau of Automotive Repair – and we are very successful at it.

Over the last nine years our lead attorney, William Ferreira, has personally taken over 50 cases to verdict before a judge at the Office of Administrative Hearings and also litigated, settled, or caused to be dismissed a further 2,000+ cases.

If you are in receipt of a possible SMOG check technician license revocation by the Bureau of Automotive Repair, Mr Ferreira offers a free consultation. You can call him direct on (415) 412-0472.


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