When You Own and Run a Smog Station, It Is No Easy Job

If you own a SMOG station, whether in Los Angeles or in Truckee, you have a pretty hard job. It can be hot, it can be dirty, and the customers aren’t exactly “happy” that you have to SMOG their vehicle. And they are even more unhappy when you have to fail it because there’s an issue. It’s no easy job running a SMOG station.You are only doing what the law requires you to do, but somehow, when you fail a vehicle, as far as the customer is concerned you have done something wrong! “My car is in perfect condition. I take great care of it. How can you possibly fail it?!”


But that’s the way it is when you own a SMOG station. Certainly, you can make a very good living doing it, but you also have to put up with a whole lot of BS along the way.

And that’s even before you start to think about California‘s infamous Bureau of Automotive Repair! You have them to deal with as well, and they don’t take no for an answer. If they have the slightest suspicion that you have done something wrong, they will come gunning for you without hesitation. It doesn’t even matter whether you have done something wrong or you haven’t done something wrong: if they simply have reason to think that you have, then as far as they are concerned, you have. And that’s it.

When you think about it, what sort of agency sends out undercover vehicles that have been deliberately altered for the sole purpose of trying to make you make a mistake? Some of the tactics that they employ are absurd, but unfortunately you have to play by their rules.

There Are Also Rules That They Have To Abide By

However, there are also rules which they have to abide by too. And the last thing that they want is for you to seek the services of a SMOG station license defense lawyer because then a whole lot of rules and regulations come into play that are there to protect you, if you did but know it.

Now you may not be aware of all the possible protections for your license, but as a SMOG station license defense lawyer, at Automotive Defense Specialists, we are very much aware of them, and we can use them in order to help defend you against the Bureau of Automotive Repair. These include rights against unreasonable searches and seizures, and against warrantless searches and seizures, rights against self-incrimination, rights to confront witnesses against you, inspect evidence, such as undercover cars, reports, histories, and other important information.

So, if you are under attack from the Bureau of Automotive Repair, appoint us as your SMOG station license defense lawyer and let us do battle for you while you get on with running your business.


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