You Need a SMOG License Attorney if You Hear From the BAR

To “smog” a car is not an easy thing. It requires an understanding of cars and of SMOG technology. In fact, you have to have a license from the Bureau of Automotive Repair to do so. But if you are a SMOG shop owner or a SMOG technician, you can lose your license through the arbitrariness of the government.Bureau of Automotive Repair attorney for loss of a SMOG license by a technicial or Auto Repair Shop in Los Angeles, California.

Yes, not only does the Bureau of Automotive Repair hand out SMOG licenses, but it can also take them away again. Or at least, it can try to do so. Of course, the bad news is that if you lose your SMOG license you have just lost your business along with it. This is why, if you hear from the Bureau of Automotive Repair, you need a SMOG license attorney.

What do we mean by a SMOG license attorney? He, or she, is an attorney who understands the Bureau of Automotive Repair, understands all the requirements for a license, understands how the Bureau of Automotive Repair operates and is able to tackle them head-on with thorough knowledge of all the technical aspects of being a SMOG technician. In other words, a specialist attorney, not just a general attorney agrees to take on your case and then has to go away somewhere quiet and read up on how to do SMOG checks.

An Attorney Who Knows All The Tricks

This would be an attorney who represents SMOG stations, auto repair technicians, and others in the industry – one who knows all the tricks that the Bureau of Automotive Repair can get up to, such as sending out undercover vehicles. Yes, you might find it difficult to believe, but the BAR is known to tweak something in a vehicle so that it is incorrect, but that is very difficult to spot, and then send it out to a SMOG shop in order to try and fool a technician into missing it and therefore making a mistake! That is just one of their tricks.

Do you see why, if you hear from The Bureau of Automotive Repair, you need a SMOG license attorney who understands what they get up to and is able to take them on at their own game?

This is why you need William Ferreira of Automotive Defense Specialists. The name of his practice rather tells you what he does. In fact, he does nothing other than defend auto technicians and SMOG shops: it keeps him fully occupied.

But better still, not only is William Ferreira a specialist attorney, but he is also a fully trained auto repair technician. He spent several years in the trade before changing course and training as a lawyer. You can see why you need to have him on your side if the BAR comes knocking on your door.


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