In the Auto Repair Business You Can Lose Your License Very Easily

California requires many businesses to be licensed. Doctors, dentists, hair salons – and auto repair shops! If you own an auto repair shop or are an auto repair technician, then you need a license from the Bureau of Automotive Repair.

Your livelihood has gone if you lose your license from the BAR (Bureau of Automotive Repair) - Santa Clara, California.

Photo credit: woodleywonderworks via / CC BY

That’s fine, with one exception. The Bureau of Automotive Repair can take your license away if they think you have not followed the rules correctly. Note that we said: “if they think you have not followed the rules”. You could have done everything in accordance with the rules, but for one reason or another, the Bureau of Automotive Repair thinks that you haven’t. Then you can be in really big trouble.

You are going to need an auto shop license attorney. This is because, if the Bureau of Automotive Repair believes that you have done something wrong, they will do everything they can to put you out of business. Whether you like it or not, you have got a fight on your hands.

Whatever else you do, don’t make the mistake of trying to fight the BAR on your own. You would have about as much chance as fighting Tyson Fury with one hand tied behind your back. You need an attorney and in this case an auto shop license attorney: one who is a specialist in dealing with the Bureau of Automotive Repair.

Introducing William Ferreira

William Ferreira is the attorney who runs our law firm, Automotive Defense Specialists. He chose the name because it tells you exactly what he does. Not only that, but he doesn’t do anything else. Yes, he is a fully qualified lawyer, and he could handle your divorce, or conveyancing when you move house or represent you in court if you have been accused of burglary. But he doesn’t. And he won’t.

He spends his whole working life defending auto repair shops and technicians from the claws of the Bureau of Automotive Repair. In fact, it tells you something about the BAR when you consider that Mr. Ferreira is fully occupied all day and every day fighting them on behalf of his clients. Fighting them and winning, we may add.

The big benefit of having William Ferreira on your side is that not only is he a fully qualified attorney, but he is also a fully qualified auto technician!

Yes, in an earlier life, before he changed course and trained as a lawyer, he worked as an auto technician. He has done it all. So not only does he understand the law, but he knows all of the technical aspects as well. When you need an auto shop license attorney, you could not have a better man on your side.


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