Know Your Rights and Team Up With a Bureau of Automotive Repair Defense Attorney

Are you familiar with your Miranda rights?

“You have the right to remain silent.”

“Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.”

“You have the right to an Attorney.” Yada yada yada SMOG accusation letter

These same steps can be applied to a SMOG technician or auto repair shop accused by the Bureau of Auto Repair of wrongdoing.
Did you get a SMOG citation? Receive a STAR invalidation ( or suspension letter? You have the right to remain silent and contact us first. Defending SMOG shops and technicians against the Bureau of Automotive Repair is all our attorneys focus on. We are very clear about what their legal prosecutors will do to win a case. We also know how to handle the arguments.

Our lawyers are no longer surprised when a client has already tried resolve the problem on their own before contacting us. We get it. The SMOG technician or shop owner thinks it’s just a misunderstanding. They believe they can sort it out with the Bureau of Automotive Repair. The clear evidence they’ve collected will prove their innocence. Unfortunately, once a defendant recognizes the truth, it’s already escalated. In fact, the more SMOG testing and professional repair talk without an attorney, the more troublesome the results.

Although it’s best to contact a legal defense team after receiving a SMOG accusation letter, we will support SMOG technicians and auto repair shops anytime during the process. If things have escalated, we bring the discussion back to something less dire. We are a savvy bunch of Bureau of Automotive Repair defense attorneys. We’ve assisted clients who’ve been in serious trouble such as receiving notice of an interim suspension order ( or a criminal accusation for SMOG repair fraud. It doesn’t matter where you are, it’s always possible to readjust the conversation.


You might hear today’s news talk about how smaller, diverse groups need to be heard, but a mom & pop auto repair shop is outside that category in court. When the small business owner of a SMOG testing and repair shop walks into the courtroom, the Bureau of Auto Repair treats them live everyone else; guilty. And they are not interested in hearing otherwise.

Typically, the defendant of a SMOG violation letter isn’t wholly aware of how far out of their element they are until they walk into court. They may not even realize how good the Bureau of Auto Repair lawyers is at winning a case, no matter what the evidence. Defense arguments can be turned around to prove guilt instead of innocence.

So, who’s really listening to your side? We are! Our firms include the title “Specialists” for a reason. Not only do we focus on defending small SMOG and auto repair businesses in court, but many of our lawyers have actually been the “little guy.” That’s right, some of us have owned our own shops and experienced the power of the Bureau of Auto Repair first-hand! That’s the knowledge we use to our advantage.

Contact our law firm and let our knowledge and experience with the Bureau of Automotive Repair work for you! We work with clients throughout California, from Los Angeles to Needles, San Francisco to Truckee, San Diego to Eureka and everywhere in between in the “Golden State.”


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