Resolve to Speak to a Lawyer about that Citation or Suspension Action from the Bureau of Automotive Repair, EARLY

When a New Year is around the corner, as just happened on 12/31/2023, that is the time people get in gear and make self-improvement goals. Typically, we can all call out the basic resolutions, such as getting healthy, spending more time with those you love, and saving money. Finding the best attorney for a Bureau of Automotive Repair action, such as a suspension or citation.

Most of the top resolutions shouldn’t come as a surprise, including the number one spot: Lose weight. Keeping it a small goal and dropping only 10 pounds sounds doable, but it will still take some willpower. For instance, the goal can require the willpower to step away from that fantastic burger joint just blocks from work. Easier said than done because you’ll miss those greasy ½ pound monsters with those thick slabs of melted cheddar!

Another standard resolution is to get organized. For a SMOG and auto repair shop owner that can look like;

  • Checking any due dates for renewal of a business license.
  • Reviewing SMOG techs and possibly the need to hire more.
  • Note when to speak to your CPA to the business tax returns in order.
  • Do a complete inspection of the shop and look for items that need repairs like those wobbly customer chairs in the waiting room.
  • Review your list of emergency numbers.

That last one could be key. One of the simplest things a person can do is keep an updated sheet of who to call when something goes wrong. Did you just lose a filling? Call that dentist for an emergency visit ASAP. Is there a sewage backup in the bathroom? Grab the cell and contact your 24/7 quick response plumber. How about the number of a top lawyer if you receive a smog accusation letter in the mail?

Early Prevention Could Fix a SMOG Accusation Quick!

Organization can also equal early prevention. For SMOG testing professionals, it’s wise to keep a list of emergency contacts with the number of an attorney well-versed in disputing a Bureau of Automotive Repair decision. That decision could be in the form of a citation, a licensing issue or a STAR invalidation to name a few. It will help to ensure we are just a finger touch away when this happens.

Trying to dispute a Bureau of Auto Repair decision without legal support could end up hurting a smog business in the long run. It may appear easy since the state agency’s website provides instructions for responding to any citation, accusation, or disciplinary action. But following their guidance puts them in control, not you. And the BAR has already decided you are responsible for wrongdoing. 

It does not matter what your smog testing status is. You can be a STAR-certified smog shop, an advanced emissions technician (EA), or a smog check and repair station (RC), to name a few. The Bureau of Auto Repair is ready to fight, fine, and possibly shut you down. Going straight to our team of defense lawyers against the California Bureau of Automotive Repair can help avoid misunderstandings, unnecessary fines and poor ratings.

If The Finger is Pointed at You in a Smog Accusation, Let an Expert Handle It

The BAR not only regulates and inspects SMOG and auto repair shops, but it also responds to customer complaints. A disgruntled customer might accuse a technician or SMOG shop of auto repair fraud. Maybe the tech did everything possible to fix and clear the car but couldn’t pass it. Maybe the customer had a different viewpoint and felt they weren’t treated properly, or charged too much. Rational thought might be out the window and emotssion could have taken over. Whether true or not, they’ve reported it to the Bureau of Auto Repair. Once reported, the agency will dig deep, causing months of headaches and legal problems for an auto shop. 

Here’s an article from Repairer Drive News about how far the California State Agency will go to prove their claims against a SMOG professional;

If the finger is pointed at you, the best answer to disputing a Bureau of Automotive Repair decision is letting a lawyer handle the fight. 


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