The Importance of a Free Phone Consultation with a Bureau of Automotive Repair Attorney

Ice cream. Let’s talk about Ice Cream! Well, what we mean is, let’s talk about ice cream with respect to how important it is to not only work with an attorney if you’re having a dispute with the Bureau of Automotive Repair, but to do your homework when selecting that attorney, up to and including the free phone consultation.

Bureau of Automotive Repair Attorney

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As the leading law firm representing station owners and technicians in disputes vis-à-vis the Bureau of Automotive Repair, we think it’s important to clarify for our clients some steps in selecting the best attorney for a defense against accusations by the Bureau.

But back to ice cream. Pay attention the next time you walk into an ice cream store. You’ll notice that they don’t just hand you the ice cream right off the bat, but rather as the customer usually browses what he wants, they then offer a free sample. The free sample is given on a little tiny spoon, and it’s an opportunity for the customer to taste before he buys. You wouldn’t go to an ice cream store in which that ice cream store rudely told you that “Heck no there’s no way you can taste this ice cream. Just shovel out your five dollars and get a Sunday and shut up,” would you?

Choosing the Best Attorney for You vis-a-vis the Bureau of Automotive Repair

So it goes with attorneys as well. You wouldn’t expect the best ice cream to be served at a gas station. Gas stations specialize in gas, and ice cream stores specialize in ice cream. Similarly with respect to attorneys. Yes, there are many attorneys who may be able to represent you in a dispute with the Bureau of Automotive Repair. But a specialized law firm will be able to be more efficient and more knowledgeable than a law firm for which this is not their primary practice. So, as you are researching an attorney to help you with a dispute with respect to the Bureau of Automotive Repair, be sure to look for one that specializes in, and has a depth of experience in, disputes with the Bureau. You want a specialized ice cream store, and not some inexperienced gas station that just also happens to sell frozen ice cream bars.

Free Consultation with an Attorney

Next, let’s talk about the consultation. We are very busy with clients, because we are perceived as among the best law firms in California to represent people in disputes with respect to the Bureau of Automotive Repair. However, despite the fact that we are busy, we do our utmost to reach out to clients in that introductory consultation phone call, to get the facts of their situation, and to convey what we may be able to do to help them. We take this initial consultation seriously, as we are looking for a good match between our client base and ourselves. We don’t take just any case. We are choosy and choose cases where we feel we can really bring a lot of value to the equation because of our special knowledge of the various administrative laws, regulations, and other types of law that may, or may not impact your particular situation.

In summary, in ice cream as in choosing a good attorney, you want to do your homework, choose a place that specializes in what you’re looking for, and enjoy a good, quick consultation. Free samples on the house!

Photo credit: krossbow via / CC BY


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