More On Attorney or Lawyer? Actions Speak Louder than Words with the Bureau of Automotive Repair

Everything on the Internet seems up for debate these days. A never ending debate on Twitter, Facebook and even YouTube it seems. Is it car or automobile? What is the meaning of the Oxford Comma and do we care. In fact, there’s even a lawsuit over the Oxford Comma (no kidding). If you spend any time on the Web it looks like articles are constantly besieged by the “language police.” Yes, we know that there are moments when people should take offense to something.  Bureau of Automotive Repair LetterSadly, this “debate” can obstruct our awareness of real issues behind real words. Seriously, who cares if you call it an automobile or a car? Does one sound “fancier?” Maybe. Does it make a difference in what the thing does? No.

As for the Oxford Comma and the lawsuit on that one, well, it actually does make some sense. But we digress. As the #1 attorneys in California for defending against Bureau of Automotive Repair accusations, letters, and other administrative actions, we KNOW that words matter. We take words seriously, but we also take actions seriously, too.

If you are a SMOG check station owner, who has received a STAR violation notice, will it help to spend hours trying to figure out what this word means or that word? Accusation vs. letter vs. citation? These all have real meanings in the language of lawyers and bureaucrats, but you – as a station owner or SMOG tech – need to get back to work, as (after all) that’s how you make money to feed your family. Not by contesting words with a bunch of lawyers.

Finding a Lawyer to Represent You Against California’s Bureau of Automotive Repair

As auto defense attorneys we have to agree words matter…but only to an extent. If the Bureau of Automotive Repair has sent you a letter or citation against you, try not to get sucked into the confusion. Making sense of the letter is just a waste of time. Also remember that choosing a lawyer vs. an attorney vs. a law firm isn’t much to contemplate because they are the same. A SMOG station with a STAR program under attack by the BAR means only one thing: you could lose your business and you need legal help.

Indeed, the Bureau of Automotive Repair may not have the case against you they think they have. We’ve seen them misinterpret the process of SMOG check stations and create unreal condemnations. It doesn’t matter whether the BAR is doing this on purpose or by accident. Your STAR certification is on the defense. So get to the point and contact a skilled SMOG defense lawyer (that would be us). We know how to cut through the BAR’s bureaucratic rabble and help a SMOG check station keep their STAR program certification.

When it comes to pushing back on a letter from the Bureau of Automotive Repair, talk about it all you want. Just remember to call us when you’re ready to turn your problem over to an expert, and then you – as an expert yourself – can get back to work.


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