California SMOG Check Attorney, William Ferreira of Automotive Specialists Announces Blog Post on Smog Check Simulator Problem

May 31, 2017 – San Francisco, California. Automotive Defense Specialists and lead attorney William Ferreira are proud to announce an important ‘open letter’ concerning an emerging problem in California’s SMOG check industry, the problem of illegal simulators.

Smog Check Simulator Problem

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Simulators are used to illegally pass SMOG checks and, unfortunately, are causing otherwise innocent SMOG check technicians and station operators to be inaccurately accused by the Bureau of Automotive Repair. Each case is unique, of course, and should be evaluated on the available evidence, but the letter calls attention to this downstream consequence of illegal SMOG check simulators.

“We live in an era of machine vs. machine,” explained attorney William Ferreira of Automotive Defense Specialists. “Illegal simulators are entering the California marketplace, and unscrupulous consumers and repair technicians can place them on a car, and when that car undergoes a SMOG check, it can be the SMOG check technician or station owner who is inappropriately held responsible against this surreptitious devices.”

To read the open letter on the SMOG check problem, visit There, one can also download a PDF copy. Journalists and other media persons can reach out to William Ferreira for comment. He is widely recognized as one of the top attorneys working to defend SMOG check technicians and station owners against California’s Bureau of Automotive Repair. Learn more about attorney William Ferreira on the website.

The Simulator Problem: a Passed SMOG Check Can Create a Real Problem

California’s Bureau of Automotive Repair unfortunately seems unaware of the extent of the problem caused by illegal simulators vis-a-vis the SMOG check machines. What happens is that a dishonest consumer or repair technician can install a simulator on a car so that it can pass a SMOG check. When brought into a legitimate SMOG check station, the car may be able to pass the test and the SMOG check technician, through no fault of his own, is duped into providing a passing score. Later, however, when the car is sold or some other problem occurs and the car is reported as faulty, it is the technician or SMOG check station that is held accountable as opposed to the dishonest consumer and/or auto repair technician who utilized the illegal simulator in the first place. The nuances are complicated, however, and the open letter hopes to raise consciousness in the SMOG check industry about this growing problem.

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