Serious Accusations Need a Criminal Defense Attorney to Show the Bureau of Automotive Repair’s True Colors

In daily life there are things that come up that can seem threatening, but just turn out to be annoying. For instance, if you own an auto repair shop in California, you have to deal with a lot of annoyances. criminal defense attorney Bureau of automotive repairMaybe you promised a customer their car would be ready today, but the part that was supposed to be shipped isn’t showing up until tomorrow. You stay on the phone for an hour getting yelled at for something out of your control. In the end, the customer just waits anther day. Maybe a car is towed to the shop and the customer expects you to honor a warranty that you just don’t. They throw insults around and demand you comply, which you don’t. As auto shop defense attorneys, we are used to hearing a lot of bluster too. As criminal defense attorneys, we know when to take a threat seriously.

When the Bureau of Automotive Repair makes a criminal accusation against an auto repair shop, it can be intimidating. The legally-written STAR program accusation letters are worrisome. Whether you’re a car dealer or mom and pop auto repair shop, you probably never expected to be charged with anything “criminal.” As criminal defense attorneys who fight the Bureau of Automotive Repair, let’s just say things may not be what they seem. An accusation letter can appear to be threatening, but it might not be as bad as you think

Our Criminal Defense Attorneys will Research a Bureau of Automotive Repair and Find Out if the Threat is Real

In nature, many animals that appear to be dangerous are actually mimicking behaviors to gain an advantage. For instance, the hoverfly has the same stripped backside of a wasp, but it doesn’t have the sting. The Viceroy butterfly is easily confused with a Monarch, but it isn’t poisonous to birds. You’re probably wondering “Why the nature lesson?” Simple, as criminal defense attorneys who fight the Bureau of Automotive Repair, we know a threat may not be as bad as you think. Legal accusations about criminal activity by the BAR might not contain the right proof to back it up.

Our job is to see if a criminal accusation against a SMOG shop is real or not. If not, we can quickly tone down the bluster from the Bureau of Automotive Repair and come to an agreement. If there are grounds for the accusation, our criminal defense attorneys know how to calm the situation. Through expert research and evaluation of a SMOG accusation, we can help minimized the damage of a valuable STAR certification. Our criminal defense attorneys can fight the Bureau of Automotive Repair and unveil their true colors.


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