Yes, SMOG Is a Problem, but the Bureau of Automotive Repair Can Be as Well

We all know that SMOG in California is a big problem and is something that needs to be tackled. We want our air clean and free from impurities that can cause disease.  SMOG in CaliforniaSo from that point of view, as proud Californians, we are all on the same team.

The Bureau of Automotive Repair is there for the sole purpose of regulating and overseeing auto repair shops in California, from Los Angeles to Eureka, San Francisco to San Diego, and all cities in between, in order to ensure that they don’t cut corners – and more importantly, don’t deliberately ignore the rules. Fair enough. But the number of auto repair shops that set out with the object of simply increasing turnover by passing cars as safe when they are not, and thus gaining more new customers, is, in fact, merely a handful. Yes, we know that there are some, and we agree that they should be rooted out and, if necessary, put out of business.

However, while SMOG in California is a problem, the Bureau of Automotive Repair often seems to take things to extremes. Why else set out with undercover cars which have been tampered with and designed specifically with the intention of fooling perfectly honest auto repair shops by tricking them into passing a car which should actually fail the test?

The BAR Would Deny This

Of course, the BAR (Bureau of Automotive Repair) would deny that this is the case, and that their undercover cars are sent out only in order to endeavor to tackle SMOG stations and STAR stations which have a suspiciously high pass rate, or a high car count, or perhaps cars pass at your facility when they have only very recently failed at another, or you have more than one facility, or any one of a number of other reasons. However, it may just be that they don’t like you, and there is not very much that you can do about that.

Receiving a citation from the BAR is something that needs to be taken very seriously. We have been asked if you really need a lawyer, or whether you can tackle it yourself, and the answer is that of course you can tackle it yourself. You can also Google “corona virus” and see if you have the symptoms and if you should self-isolate. However, if you DO have corona virus you are a lot better off getting the help that you will need from a professional who can provide respiratory assistance.

Once you have corona virus, you don’t have very long to do something about it. The same thing applies to the BAR. You need professional help from the word “go” so that you don’t finish up losing your business.


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