Automotive Defense Specialists Are Your Best Attorney Friends When It Comes to the Bureau of Automotive Repair

As an auto repair shop here in California, whether in a huge city like Los Angeles or a small one like Union City, you face a lot of challenges. Among them are always the possible challenges to your licensing status by the Bureau of Automotive Repair. SMOGWe exclusively represent auto repair shops, SMOG stations (including STAR program participants) and technicians, as defense attorneys against the BAR. In fact, acting as an auto repair shop defense attorney is all we do. We do not carry out any other type of legal work at all, which tells you something on its’ own about the Bureau of Automotive Repair. In one sense, we like them because they keep us very busy, but as regards what they do it is a completely different matter.

Some auto repair shop owners who receive an invalidation from the Bureau of Automotive Repair try to handle it themselves. With respect, this is not a very good idea because these cases are very complicated. Everyone is different, and there are time deadlines in all cases. Miss a deadline and you are in STAR shut off the land.

Furthermore, you need to keep an eye out for every letter from the BAR and make certain that you deal with it and appeal to each one. As an auto repair shop defense attorney, I have seen situations where a shop has received three or four separate STAR Invalidations in a single quarter, and each one needs to be appealed at every level.

Our Defense Lawyers Represent YOUR Interests against the State of California

One of the advantages of appointing me as your auto repair shop defense attorney is that I immediately notify the Bureau of Automotive Repair that I now act on your behalf to handle an Invalidation and this means that it also includes all future Invalidations, so I ensure that we do not miss any deadlines. We have never missed one. This lets you carry on working as an auto repair shop while you let me handle all the complex legal stuff.

Many auto repair shop owners are under the misapprehension that if they remove the technician concerned it will halt the process. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Simply getting rid of the technician will not halt the Bureau of Automotive Repair Invalidation at all. Even if you do decide to remove the technician, you still need to appeal the Invalidation, but as your auto repair shop defense attorney I can deal with this for you.

There are a lot of other things to deal with as well. For instance, the FPR score. What this says, in a nutshell, is that if you tested 10 vehicles in 2018 and they all passed, and then all ten fail in 2020, then your tests in 2018 are at fault. That is a ridiculous argument, but nonetheless that’s the way it is.

All of these things are reasons why you are far better off getting on with what you do for a living and letting us handle the BAR.


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