If You Try to Fight the Bureau of Automotive Repair Alone, You May Lose!

If you run an auto repair shop or are an auto repair technician, it’s a fact of life in California that you are at the mercy of the Bureau of Automotive Repair. Bureau of Automotice Repair in CaliforniaIf they consider that you have done something wrong, or not done something that they say you should have, they will come at you with all guns blazing. Quite simply, if they believe that you have been a naughty boy or girl, they don’t just want to give you a slap on the wrist.

Oh no! They want to put you out of business. And they have a team of very expensive and knowledgeable lawyers and spare no expense. Let’s face it: they get their money from the taxpayer, so they really don’t care how much it costs them to pay lawyers to get you, just so long as they get you.

The Bureaucracy Cometh for You Mr. Smog Tech

The bureaucrats at the Bureau of Automotive Repair are not bad people. But they can be zealous in what they see as enforcing California’s draconian SMOG laws against SMOG technicians, SMOG shops, and Auto Repair Facilities. They just want to get a result and they don’t care how much they spend to get it. That is why you need a Bureau of Automotive Repair attorney on your side to fight your corner. At Automotive Defense Specialists, we do nothing other than fight them and we have an impressive track record. Yes, you can “go it alone,” but you might regret it.

If the BAR is after you, you might be considered crazy to fight them on your own. You need our Bureau of Automotive Repair attorney working for you because he has years of experience and knows how to fight them at their own game. They will stop at nothing to achieve what they consider to be in everybody’s interest, except yours, which is to put you out of business.

Don’t try to fight the Bureau of Automotive Repair  on your own. You might lose! You need a qualified Bureau of Automotive Repair attorney in your corner who can take up the cudgels on your behalf. You can then just carry on working while we deal with the BAR.


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