If You Have Been Denied an Auto Repair License, You Need to Appeal

California is a highly regulated state. Because of its unique climate, especially in Los Angeles, no industry is more highly regulated than the auto repair industry. state of CaliforniaAnd that is regulated by the Bureau of Automotive Repair. The not very good news is that they can refuse you a license to operate an auto repair shop, or a SMOG license, and that means that you are stuck unless you get some help.

If you have been denied an auto shop repair license or a SMOG license, you should not give up hope. You still have rights. But in order to exercise those rights, you are going to need an attorney who understands all of the rules and regulations and can take on the Bureau of Automotive Repair on their home ground. That would be us at Automotive Defense Specialists. We can help you with appealing a denial of an auto repair shop license.

Fighting against the Bureau of Automotive Repair is what we do for a living. Yes, we are highly qualified attorneys and we can take up all sorts of different cases such as criminal defense, divorce, unfair dismissal, and a lot more, but we don’t. We spend all day and every day helping people in the auto repair industry who have been treated unfairly by the Bureau of Automotive Defense. That alone should give you an idea of how many unfair cases the BAR brings. If you need help with appealing a denial of an auto repair shop license, we can most definitely help you.

What’s So Special About Us?

So what is so special about us? Well, the fact is that our lead attorney, William Ferreira, is not only a highly qualified lawyer with ten years’ experience of fighting the Bureau of Automotive Repair but is also a highly qualified auto repair engineer.

Yes, before deciding to train for the law, Mr. Ferreira was an automotive technician for several years. He understands the automotive industry from top to bottom, including all the “nuts and bolts”.

What that means for you when you are appealing a denial of an auto repair shop license is that he can tackle the Bureau of Automotive Repair on its’ own ground. Instead of fighting a rear-guard action in defense, he can take the fight to the Bureau of Automotive Repair and put them on the defense instead. That means that instead of just refusing you a license to operate, they are going to have to explain in every tiny minute detail, to a judge if need be, exactly why they have refused it.

And that means that, unless they have a very good reason indeed, they will in all probability have to reverse their decision.

So if you have been refused a license to operate, talk to William Ferreira.


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