Automotive Defense Specialists Announces Popularity Metrics on Post Regarding Defense Attorney against California’s Bureau of Automotive Repair

Los Angeles, California – September 24, 2020. Automotive Defense Specialists, a law firm defending SMOG technicians and station owners against California’s Bureau of Automotive Repair, is proud to announce new popularity metrics of one of its key blog posts. Bureau of Automotive Repair Defense AttorneyThe post explains some of the basics in selecting a defense attorney should one be confronted with an accusation, citation, or another regulatory issue from the Bureau of Automotive Repair.

“Many auto repair station owners and technicians feel overwhelmed when confronted by California’s Bureau of Automotive Repair,” explains attorney William Ferreira of Automotive Defense Specialists. “We’re proud of the success metrics of our post on this issue, and hope that it helps hard-working SMOG technicians and station owners to find legal representation should they want to defend their rights against the Bureau of Automotive Repair.”

The post can be read at Among the success, metrics are that it has nineteen votes on the page from users as well as that it ranks high on Google and Bing for searches such as ‘Bureau of Automotive License Lawyer.’ It is one of the highest-trafficked pages on the website as well. These metrics clearly indicate that the post is popular due to the frustration of technicians and station owners. Persons who might want to investigate one of the top-rated defense attorneys on this issue can look into the specific page on William Ferreira.


Here is the background for this release. California has some of the strictest SMOG regulations in the entire nation. Los Angeles, for example, can have some of the worst air pollution in the country, and thus – over time – California has enforced strict laws and regulations on air pollution. An entire industry has emerged surrounding SMOG regulations for vehicles, requiring most Californians to bring in their vehicle every two years for inspection. This industry consists of SMOG technicians and station owners. On most days, this system works with little conflict, but in some instances, the Bureau of Automotive Repair can pursue legal actions against technicians and owners. In those cases, legal representation may be necessary, and the post and its popularity speak to the deep-seated desire for a fair shake against the legal apparatus of the Golden State.


Automotive Defense Specialists is a top law firm representing auto repair facilities, SMOG check stations, and technicians in every facet of their legal needs, including Bureau of Automotive Repair letters, citations, and invalidations. The company offers phone consultations to auto shops, mechanics, technicians, and others who are facing disciplinary actions from the California Bureau of Automotive Repair.
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