You May Need Expert Legal Advice to Tackle the Bureau of Automotive Repair

If you are an auto shop owner or auto technician in California, it is an unfortunate fact that the Bureau of Automotive Repair can easily become a very important part of your life. You need a specialist attorney to deal with the BAR or Bureau of Automotive Repair in CaliforniaThe BAR is ostensibly in existence to ensure that auto repair shops and STAR stations carry out their work correctly and prevent unsuitable vehicles from being driven on the state roads until they have been repaired.

However, from the point of view of the auto repair business it would seem that the BAR is there for the sole purpose of catching you out and putting you out of business with the loss of your license. And the BAR not only can, but does, do exactly that to many people in the auto repair business every year.

Appealing a Bureau of Automotive Repair decision – a “do over” – is not something that you should attempt to do on your own. Certainly, there is nothing to stop you from doing that. However, appealing a Bureau of Automotive Repair decision on your own is similar to a 20-year-old ballet dancer with no mechanical knowledge whatsoever trying to diagnose a gearbox fault on his car, going to Advance Auto Parts, and trying to fix it himself. The results are not likely to be all that great.

Let’s face facts: without your license you are out of business. Period. So you need help from someone who is legally qualified to tackle the BAR, and that would be an attorney. And not just any old attorney, but one who knows the way that the BAR act and has experience of taking them on at their own game.

An Attorney Who Is Also A Qualified Auto Engineer

Better still, if you could get the help of an attorney who is not only qualified to take on the BAR and has a lot of experience of doing so, but who is also a qualified and experienced auto engineer, you could hardly get any better.

Step forward William Ferreira at Automotive Defense Specialists. The name of our firm is rather a giveaway on its’ own: it is what we do. If you want to get a divorce or you want access to your child or you want to sue your boss for unfair dismissal, we could do that as we are legally qualified. However, we don’t do that. We spend all day and every day working on helping auto repair shop owners and technicians who need help appealing a Bureau of Automotive Repair decision, or have received an accusation, citation, and so on.

William Ferreira not only spends his working life taking on the BAR and winning but grew up in the automotive industry as a technician. He has carried out almost every aspect of automotive repair himself.

You can’t get better help than that.


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