What Is the First Thing to Do if You Receive a Notification From California’s Bureau of Automotive Repair?

In today’s modern California, big bureaucracies have a lot of power. You need a license for almost everything these days. Indeed, it sometimes makes you wonder how long it will be until you need a license to eat or drink!Beware a notification from the BAR

And all of these licensing bureaucracies up in Sacramento can issue licensing restrictions and what not, as happens with the Bureau of Automotive Repair, and that’s not a lot of fun if you are a station owner or technician. If you lose your license you are out of business – and it could be a business that you have built up over 20 or 30 years.

Now it’s a fact that many SMOG station owners and STAR participants are not aware just how far the Bureau of Automotive Repair will go in order to catch you out. But they will send out undercover cars that have a fault that they have themselves created and make them look like a normal consumer vehicle in order to ty to get you to miss it or make an error.

It Beggars Belief, But It Happens

It beggars belief that they are allowed to get away with this, but the fact is that it happens, and most judges will say that they were simply verifying compliance after a “data review” suggested that there was something wrong.

The Bureau of Automotive Repair can have many reasons for doing this. For instance, you may have a low failure rate, a high turnover, consumer complaints, vehicles being passed at your facility soon after failing at another one, you may have more than one facility, and so on. They will then send out an undercover vehicle with false plates and use false names. As far as they are concerned, if this means that they are then able to put you out of business, that’s a result!

This is why the first thing you need to do is to obtain the services of specialist attorneys such as ourselves at Automotive Defense Specialists if you need help with a defense against loss of a Bureau of Automotive Repair license.

Trying to work on a defense against loss of a Bureau of Automotive Repair license on your own could be compared with trying to clear a minefield with nothing more than a hand trowel. You are probably not likely to get very far.

This is why you need William Ferreira on your side. He is not afraid of taking on the Burau of Automotive Repair because it is what he does all day and every day. In fact, he does nothing else. And he gets incredible results. So if you need help with defense against loss of a Bureau of Automotive Repair license, you know who to call.


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