Legally Defending Your Rights against the Bureau of Automotive Repair

It’s a fact that the majority of people would rather not get into a legal tangle. We prefer to get on with our lives and run our businesses in peace and quiet. However, it’s an unfortunate fact that when you have a legal issue, especially with the Bureau of Automotive Repair you must legally and peacefully and vigorously defend your rights in Court.Sometimes you need to fight for your rightsWe’re talking about government bureaucracies here, and if you are in the automotive business – either as a technician or a station owner – we are referring to the Bureau of Automotive Repair, which is about as bureaucratic as you can get.

Let’s face it: when you come under a decision from the Bureau of Automotive Repair, they can be very aggressive. If they believe that you have done something wrong, they will move heaven and earth to close you down and put you out of business for good. It doesn’t matter that you haven’t done anything wrong: as far as they are concerned, you have.

You Need To Know How To Defend Your Rights

What you need to do is to learn how to legally defend your rights against the Bureau of Automotive Repair because you do have rights – whether they believe it or not. They want to shut you down, and they will go to extreme lengths in order to try and do exactly that. What other organization – if you can call it that – would send out undercover vehicles that have been deliberately altered, in order to try and trick you into making a mistake? And yet, that is exactly what they do. You wouldn’t believe that the law would allow such a thing, but it does.

If you want to know how to defend your rights against the Bureau of Automotive Repair, the answer is to do exactly what they hope you won’t do, and that is to talk to William Ferreira who is an automotive defense attorney and has years of experience representing clients. In fact, that is all he does. His whole business is about nothing else. As you might imagine, he has a wealth of experience and many, many successful cases under his belt. As he always says: “We do it right, or we don’t do it at all”.

Mr Ferreira knows how to defend your rights against the Bureau of Automotive Repair, and the first thing is to file a Notice of Opposition. This will set in motion a string of rights and protections for you. The Bureau of Automotive Repair is a state agency, and as such it has to abide by certain rules, and these give you rights against a lot of the things that it might otherwise try, such as getting you to self-incriminate, searches without warrants, the undercover cars, and more. William Ferreira can help you to protect your business.


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