SMOG Shop Owners Fighting The Bureau of Automotive Repair Can Get Specialist Help

The SMOG industry is big business in California. Every vehicle in California has to be smogged on a regular basis. With all of that activity, comes a lot of regulation and in some cases legal or administrative law actions by the Bureau of Automotive Repair.Specialist help for SMOG shop owners in California.

The Bureau of Automotive Repair is a part of the California Department of Consumer Affairs and it regulates and registers some 36,000 California auto repair shops. It licenses SMOG check stations, technicians, and inspectors, and it also licenses brake and lamp stations and adjusters. It came into being in 1972 following consumer and industry concerns about incompetence and fraud in the auto repair industry.

Now let’s face facts: when you have an industry with 36,000 businesses within it just in one state alone, there will always be a handful of rogue auto repair shops and technicians, and it is right that they should be stopped. But the vast majority are business owners and technicians who just want to do a good job and make their living.

A Colossus That Believes That You Are At Fault

However, the Bureau of Automotive Repair has grown into a colossus that appears to work on the basis that you are at fault until you can prove otherwise. And it only takes a complaint from a dissatisfied customer whose vehicle has failed to pass a SMOG check and feels aggrieved – even though you have done nothing wrong.

Unfortunately, this sort of thing happens, and it happens too often. And if it happens to you, then you need to see a SMOG shop lawyer in California who can help you. Let’s face it: if you lose your license, as much as 60%, 70%, or more, of your business has gone overnight. Fortunately, with the Internet, whether you are located in Los Angeles or San Francisco, San Diego or Sacramento, or smaller communities like Union City or San Bernardino – we can help.

The mistake that some SMOG station owners and technicians make is to think that they can argue their case on their own. But remember that your livelihood is at stake here, and it is far too important to let go. It would have a devastating effect on you and your family, and if you are the owner, your employees. You need a SMOG shop lawyer in California who can take up the cudgels on your behalf.

This is what we do at Automotive Defense Specialists. Our name is a bit of a giveaway, isn’t it? This is what we do all day and every day: help auto shop owners and technicians who have had a notification from the Bureau of Automotive Repair. In fact, it is all we do.

When you need a SMOG shop lawyer in California, it pays to use the specialists who have a fantastic track record of fighting off the BAR and saving the businesses of SMOG shop owners and their technicians.


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