A Dispute With the Bureau of Automotive Repair Can Become a Criminal Matter

The word “criminal” sends shivers down the spines of nearly everyone who has ever watched a Hollywood movie. However, in some situations a dispute between an auto repair shop owner or technician and the California Bureau of Automotive Repair can become a so-called criminal matter.Bureau of Automotive Repair If that should happen, you need a Bureau of Automotive repair criminal defense attorney – and you need one fast!

Criminal matters can lead to fines running into thousands and may also lead to a jail sentence. Yes, it can be that serious. And there you were thinking that you were running your business in the best way possible and with regard to all of the many rules and regulations around SMOG shops and auto repair technicians. Yet you wake up one morning to find the Bureau of Automotive Repair pressing a criminal charge against you. Now that is scary.

If anything, you would think that the way the Bureau of Automotive Repair goes about its’ business is verging on the criminal. Quite how they get away with sending out undercover vehicles in order to – hopefully – catch you out because you miss something that they have altered or tweaked is incredible. You wouldn’t think that the laws would allow such a thing, yet they do.

You May Need A Criminal Defense Attorney

But if the Bureau of Automotive Repair is pressing criminal charges against you, then you most certainly need the services of our Bureau of Automotive Repair criminal defense attorney. It is not something to be taken lightly, and you do not dare put a foot wrong because such charges can have an effect on the whole of the rest of your life.

This is NOT something that you can deal with on your own, for the simple reason that you cannot afford to take any risks. One tiny misunderstanding over something small such as the way an invoice is worded or using an incorrect diagnostic procedure could be make or break – the difference between having the case dismissed or being saddled with a criminal record for the rest of your life.

At Automotive Defense Specialists we have a great track record when it comes to criminal defense cases. We frequently manage to have criminal cases dismissed even before they come to trial because many District Attorneys can see that the chances of the case brought by the BAR resulting in a successful outcome for them are pretty slim.

So if you are the subject of a criminal prosecution and need the services of a Bureau of Automotive Repair criminal defense attorney, come and talk to us at Automotive Defense Specialists. It’s what we do.


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