If You Run an Auto Repair Shop and Hear From the Bureau of Automotive Repair, You Need an Attorney

California regulatory agencies like the Bureau of Automotive Repair are not known for being helpful or friendly. In fact, quite the opposite. Have you been to the California DMV lately?

A BAR Citation or Accusation is dreaded in the auto repair business

Bureau of Automotive Repair

The same is true if you are in a regulated industry such as SMOG checks. Unfortunately, there are these all-powerful people who can put you out of business at a stroke.

No, it may not seem to be fair. It may not be fair. But that’s the way things are, and if you are in the auto repair or SMOG check business in a California city from Los Angeles to San Diego, Eureka to Fresno, it is something that you have to live with. The Bureau of Automotive Repair is not going away any time soon.

The thinking behind the Bureau of Automotive Repair is actually quite good. Anything that can be done in order to keep pollution to the minimum and tackle climate change has to be a good thing. The problem is that the Bureau of Automotive Repair goes to extreme lengths in order to try to find people doing things incorrectly. As the British journalist Richard Littlejohn has said for years: “If you give people a little bit of power they will always, always, abuse it”. And he is absolutely right.

They Want To Be “Top Dog”

It is a simple fact that almost everyone wants to be “top dog”. If that means ordering other people about, so much the better. That makes them “the boss”. Take parking wardens, for instance. You don’t need a PhD to become a parking warden. And yet, suddenly they have power over you even if you do have a PhD. And then some of them get carried away to the extent that they will do whatever they can to hand out as many fines as possible. It has nothing to do with making parking safer and fair for everyone, and everything to do with power.

So it is with the BAR, And this is why so many Accusations and Citations can arrive when you have really tried your best to abide by all of the (very complicated) regulations.

And it is why you need Bureau of Automotive Repair help if you are on the receiving end of one.

And Bureau of Automotive Repair help is what we provide at Automotive Defense Specialists. The clue is in our name. Our defense attorneys aggressively defend your rights as a California auto repair shop technician or owner, including those involved in the STAR program.

If you have received any sort of contact from the BAR, you need to contact us forthwith. Don’t try to tackle them on your own because you will almost certainly lose. We are here to defend you against these unwarranted attacks and provide the Bureau of Automotive Repair help that you need, so that you do not lose your job as a technician, or your whole business if you are the owner.


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