As an Auto Repair Shop Owner, the BAR Believes That You Are Its Enemy

In California, SMOG shop owners and auto technicians are all working extremely hard in order to keep the SMOG problem in check. Let’s face it, we all want the freshest air to breathe so it is quite right that vehicles should be SMOG checked and not allowed on the road if they fail the test.

 The Bureau of Automotive Repair regards California auto repair shops as enemies.

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It is also right that we should have a state regulatory bureau to oversee this, but unfortunately, over the last few years, the Bureau of Automotive Repair seems to have gone the way of many with regulatory powers and that is to overstep the mark. As the great British journalist Richard Littlejohn, who writes in the Daily Mail, often points out: “If you give somebody even a small amount of power they will always, always, always, abuse it”.

That is what seems to have happened with the Bureau of Automotive Repair. They seem now to regard those working in auto repair shops as ENEMIES when really they should be FRIENDS. And if not friends, at the very least FRENEMIES. After all, we are all working hard to keep the SMOG problem in check.

But no. Every day you hear of auto repair shop owners and technicians on the receiving end of Bureau of Automotive Repair complaints of one sort or another. And the big problem for you as an auto repair technician or SMOG shop owner is that if you do receive any Bureau of Automotive Repair complaints, they can very quickly put you out of business.

Yes, that’s right. You could have been working studiously for 20 years, but if they think that you have done something wrong, they don’t just want to slap you on the wrist and tell you not to do it again. No, they want to close you down for good!

Why, otherwise, would they send out undercover vehicles with hidden defects, which they do, just in order to try and trap you into making a mistake? Friends don’t do that: enemies do.

This is precisely the reason why, if you receive any Bureau of Automotive Repair complaints, you need proper representation from an attorney who specializes in this area if you are to get the result you want, which in this case is staying in business. This is why you need to talk to William Ferreira because he is not just a specialist in dealing with the Bureau of Automotive Repair. It is his whole livelihood. He does nothing else.

That should tell you two things: one is that the Bureau of Automotive Repair is after you all the time, and the second is that William Ferreira is pretty good at getting these citations and accusations dismissed by the courts.

Photo credit: woodleywonderworks via / CC BY

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