Quite Obviously, Thieves Are Sneaky, but It’s Not Only Thieves Who Are

It’s obvious that thieves are sneaky, but it’s not just thieves who are. For instance, how about all the married people who sneak off for a meeting – and more – with somebody else? What about cats? (If you keep a cat, you will know full well what we mean!).You need to keep your eyes peeled when running a SMOG shop

Dogs will sneak your food when you are not looking. Your child may sneak away and hide when it’s bedtime because he or she wants to stay up. An older child may sneak off with your laptop when you go shopping and start playing online games. Or worse. Some children have been known to start gambling online -using mom or dad’s credit card!! All of these things are something to be aware of.

However, you wouldn’t expect a government department to be sneaky, would you? That’s something that you just wouldn’t expect to have to watch out for.

Yet, if you run a SMOG shop or you are a technician, that is exactly the sort of thing that could happen to you if you are not careful. In fact, it could happen to you even if you are careful. We all know that car owners need to have their vehicles SMOG checked, and that’s fine.

A Car That Has Been Deliberately Tweaked With A Fault

But would you believe that the Bureau of Automotive Repair, which is a government department, can book a SMOG test at your station with a staff member pretending to be an ordinary citizen, but who is actually driving a car that has been deliberately tweaked with a fault, or maybe a couple of faults, that may be very difficult to spot, just so that they can catch you out and say that you are not doing your job correctly?

It is beyond belief, and yet it is known that this happens. And of course, once they have caught you out, they can then suspend your license. This is why you have to watch out for undercover cars from the Bureau of Automotive Repair. You just have to keep your eyes peeled at all times. If you miss a fault in undercover cars from the Bureau of Automotive Repair, it can put you out of business for good. It’s not a nice thing to happen at all, and yet a government department is doing exactly that.

So, if you have any sort of contact from the Bureau – whether or not it has anything to do with undercover cars from the Bureau of Automotive Repair – you need to book an appointment to talk to us at Automotive Defense Specialists. Helping people in the auto repair business is what we do: we fight the Bureau on your behalf – and we fight to win!


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