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As the color weather also brings thoughts of holiday celebrations, our minds wander to what will be at the table. Consider a fall-off-the-bone roasted turkey with savory gravy. How about sweet, tart cranberry sauce smothered on warm buttered bread rolls? Before we push ourselves away from our plates, don’t forget the homemade apple cobbler to [...]
September 30, 2017 - Santa Monica, California. Automotive Defense Specialists, a leading California law firm working to protect clients against the Bureau of Automotive Repair, is proud to announce a new blog post about the perils of procrastination. Procrastination is a common problem when a station owner or technician is forced to figure out how [...]
As attorneys who represent station owners and technicians against California's Bureau of Automotive Repair, we get more than our fair share of inquiries. Often it's a letter, a citation, or an accusation from the Bureau that sparks the inquiry. The bewildered station owner or technician isn't always even aware of what the alleged violation was, [...]
California's Bureau of Automotive Repair can seem very intimidating to the average STAR Program participant, SMOG station, or technician. Photo credit: Mic V. via Foter.com / CC BY After all, the Bureau of Automotive Repair has the formidable resources of the state of California behind it, as well as a body of laws and regulations, [...]
We have a confession to make, we love a good James Bond film. No matter what situation Agent 007 is gets in, he manages to use his various talents to get out. Casino Royal is a great example of Bond seeming to lose it all, yet come back from sure disaster. In the film, Bond [...]
February 28, 2017 - San Francisco, California. Automotive Defense Specialists, expert attorneys defending against Bureau of Automotive Repair citations, letters and accusations, is proud to announce an informative new blog post. While most of the law firm's work is in actions defending against California's Bureau of Automotive Repair, the new blog post puts a positive [...]