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October 31, 2019 – Santa Clara, California. Automotive Defense Specialists, a top-notch firm of defense lawyers serving SMOG station owners and technicians across California, is proud to announce a new post to their lively blog.

July 29, 2019 – Santa Monica, California. Automotive Defense Specialists, a legal team of professional attorneys defending SMOG technicians and repair shops, is proud to announce an informational blog post on the controversial topic of undercover cars.

Back in the Wild West era when a criminal was on the loose, wanted posters littered towns and cities. There seemed to be no doubt that the person who was wanted by authorities was a bad guy. He robbed a bank or stole cattle or something western-outlaw-villain-like. At least that’s the impression if you watch [...]
San Francisco, California - September 27, 2018. Automotive Defense Specialists, a professional Bureau of Automotive Repair defense attorney law firm is proud to announce a web page upgrade. Persons searching for legal support to fight a SMOG violation letter can review answers. Upgrades such as better graphics and https secure pages can be found. The [...]
August 26, 2018 - San Bernadino, California. Automotive Defense Specialists, a team of California defense lawyers who represent SMOG check station owners and technicians against California's Bureau of Automotive Repair, is proud to announce an updated blog post on SMOG check issues, including the "re-release" of a very popular post updated for 2018. STAR stations, [...]
One thing we love about California is how many places the roads can take us. Highways lead to beaches, mountains, deserts, cosmopolitan cities and small towns. During the summer season it’s easy to travel by motorbike or car to wherever the heart desires. Photo credit: roseannadana: Thank you for 3 million views via Foter.com / [...]