Automotive Defense Specialists Announces New Post on How to Fight the Bureau of Automotive Repair on a Citation, Accusation, or Letter

October 31, 2019 – Santa Clara, California. Automotive Defense Specialists, a top-notch firm of defense lawyers serving SMOG station owners and technicians across California, is proud to announce a new post to their lively blog. Fight the Bureau of Automotive RepairThe post explains that a SMOG citation can result in a lower grade or, worse, a so-called “invalidation” for those stations participating in California’s STAR program. The SMOG community may not realize an accusation, citation, invalidation, or other type of action against them might be challenging to prove in court. Fighting back, the post argues, can be an essential element in a rational business strategy against the Bureau of Automotive Repair.

“State agencies can make mistakes even when it comes to air pollution tests. Businesses can close if those mistakes aren’t questioned in court. We see this all the time when we fight the Bureau of Automotive Repair,” explained attorney William Ferreira of Automotive Defense Specialists. “Many SMOG technicians who receive some type of correspondence from the Bureau are confused. They work hard and value their high STAR scores. Normally, these types of accusations can be disputed in court.”

The new blog post by Automotive Defense Specialists can be read at There, interested persons can learn the following. First, SMOG stations and technicians might rely on a top STAR score to maintain a successful smog testing business. Second, when they receive a violation letter, citation, or accusation, it is thus crucial to fight the Bureau of Automotive Repair. Third, the best approach to protecting a top SMOG record is to reach out to a qualified attorney. Indeed, interested parties can learn even more about legal assistance fight the Bureau of Automotive Repair at the newly updated companion page at


Here is the background to this release. A high or passing score can be vital to the success of any SMOG station. Problems can arise, however, when the Bureau of Automotive Repair matches the performance of one individual station against state averages. Not every station will match the averages, and those far above, or far under, the averages can receive unjustified scrutiny.

If a Tech does not meet the high standards of a SMOG inspection, a valued STAR certification could be in trouble. Auto shop owners and technicians must take the threat seriously and work hard to meet rigorous SMOG testing standards. Unfortunately, tricky SMOG regulations can result in a correspondence that requires a station owner or technician to dispute it, or risk losing his or her license.

The ‘red tape’ associated with state agencies can wind up affecting honest SMOG shops by accident. If a SMOG shop receives a STAR citation and doesn’t dispute it, the result can jeopardize a career. The right move might involve finding a lawyer to help fight the Bureau of Automotive Repair. Similarly, if a SMOG technician receives a STAR accusation letter it could be a mistake. SMOG techs ready to protect a high STAR score may need to dispute the details of the accusation in court. Choosing to fight the Bureau of Automotive Repair via a top attorney could save an A+ STAR rating. For these reasons, Automotive Defense Specialists has announced a new informational blog post.


Automotive Repair Specialists is a top law firm of Bureau of Automotive Repair defense attorneys. The firm represents auto repair facilities, SMOG check stations, and technicians in every facet of their legal needs, including accusations from the Bureau of Auto Repair, STAR license invalidations, and STAR invalidation appeals. Contacting a top auto defense lawyer and consulting with attorneys after initial contact can provide the best strategy for fighting back.


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