If You Are Dealing with the Bureau of Automotive Repair You Need an Attorney Who Specializes

Everybody who works is a specialist at whatever it is that they do. And they won’t be so good at many other things. Automotive Defense Specialists fight your corner with the BARFor instance, you don’t get your lawn mowed by your hairdresser and equally, you don’t get your hair done by the guy who mows your lawn. It’s the same with attorneys. They specialize in certain areas of the law. That’s because the law is so complex that no one lawyer could possibly know everything about all of it.

So if you have a problem with custody or divorce, you need a family lawyer who specializes in that area. Equally, if you have a problem with the Bureau of Automotive Repair here in California, you need a lawyer who specializes in that area. It’s known sometimes as “horses for courses”. Some horses perform better at some tracks than they do at others.

This is why, if you have any sort of problem with the BAR, finding a specialized Bureau of Automotive Repair attorney is vital. And it is why you need Automotive Defense Specialists. The clue is in our name really: it’s what we do. It is all we do. And we only do it one way: we do it right.

That Is Why We Have So Much Success

That is why we have had so much success defending people against the BAR over the last nine years. During that time, we have litigated, settled, or caused to be dismissed over 2,000 cases, and we have also taken over 500 cases to verdict in front of a Judge at the Office of Administrative Hearings. Finding a specialized Bureau of Automotive Repair attorney, if you search carefully, will always lead you to William Ferreira, our lead attorney. With offices in both Los Angles and San Francisco, we cover the whole of the State, so wherever you are we can help you.

We represent licensed automotive repair, SMOG check stations, and technicians in Accusation cases filed by the Bureau of Automotive Repair, and we handle STAR Invalidation Cases filed by the BAR for FPR, STM, Citation, and No Score issues. We can also represent automotive owners and technicians with criminal charges filed by the District Attorney throughout the State. Additionally, we represent individuals who are having licensing issues with the BAR including technician licenses and buy/sell issues.

Finding a specialized Bureau of Automotive Repair attorney is actually very simple. You just search for Automotive Defense Specialists and you will find us.

Whatever you do, don’t take any risks. Your livelihood can be at stake, so you need a specialist attorney who can take on the BAR and win.


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