You Can’t Overturn a BAR (Bureau of Automotive Repair) Problem on Your Own. You Need a Specialist Attorney

One query that we get very often is about “stop the STAR program”. It is not surprising that many STAR station owners are unhappy about it and want to stop the STAR program.An attorney who is a BAR specialist It has many defects, not the least of which is the onus it puts on station owners.

Station owners delegate the testing of vehicles to qualified technicians who are licensed by the State of California. Such technicians sign under penalty of perjury with regard to the performance of their duties as a SMOG technician, and it is not, or should not be, the responsibility of a Station owner to be looking over the shoulders of technicians who the State of California has licensed to perform such tests.

Furthermore, the BAR holds the station owner and the technician accountable for what a vehicle owner has done to the vehicle and also what that owner might do to the vehicle in the two years after it has left the testing station! How can you be responsible for a vehicle after it has left your premises – and for the next to years at that? You have no control over what that owner may or may not do, yet it is your STAR rating that gets damaged! It is no wonder many SMOG station owners want to stop the STAR program.

We Are Where We Are

However, that doesn’t alter the fact that we are where we are here in the Golden State from Los Angeles to San Francisco. That means that you can easily be on the wrong end of an action from the BAR, and if you are, you shouldn’t try to fight it on your own. You could come to a very sticky end. Let’s face it: this is your livelihood that could be at stake, so you don’t want to take any risks.

Since you can’t overturn the system, the only thing that you CAN do is to hire a defense attorney who DOES understand every last twist sand turn of the legislation and can fight your corner. This is why you need to talk to Automotive Defense Specialists. It is all we do. If you are moving home and need conveyancing, it’s no good talking to us. We specialize in helping SMOG Station owners and technicians who have been unfairly treated by the BAR and we know how to fight them.

Over the last nine years, our lead attorney, William Ferreira, has litigated, settled, or caused to be dismissed, around 2,000 cases. He has also personally taken over 500 cases to verdict before a Judge at the Office of Administrative Hearings. Furthermore, before training as a lawyer he worked as a technician in the automotive industry, so he knows and understands everything that there is to know.


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