‘Unbelievable’ Fact about California’s Bureau of Automotive Repair

Yes, this is scary. Well, it may not be scary to most people. In fact, the majority of people actually couldn’t care less. However, if you work in the auto repair or SMOG shop business in California from Los Angeles to San Francisco, San Diego to Sacramento, it should worry you very much indeed.Undercover vehicles are sent out by the BAR

Here’s the bad news: the Bureau of Automotive Repair sends out undercover SMOG cars for the express purpose of trying to trick you into making a mistake!

Let me repeat that: The Bureau of Automotive Repair sends out undercover SMOG cars that have been given a minor tweak that is very hard to detect for the sole purpose of trying to force you into making a mistake. The result is that if you don’t spot the tweak, for whatever reason, the Bureau of Automotive Repair will then declare that you are not a fit person to work in the automotive repair / SMOG shop business and they will try to close you down.

We told you it was hard to believe, but the fact remains that it is true.

Now imagine this: suppose you have a competitor very near to you and you would like to put him out of business? (We are not suggesting for an instant that you would ever think of doing such a thing). But just suppose that you craftily performed a tweak on one of your own vehicles and then sent it out to your competitor for a SMOG test. Then when the tweak was not spotted, you reported the competitor to the Bureau of Automotive Repair. You would probably finish up in jail! And yet, a public body such as the Bureau of Automotive Repair does exactly that – sending out undercover SMOG cars.

It Could Happen To You At A Moment’s Notice

The worrying thing is that something like this could happen to you at a moment’s notice in the auto repair business and suddenly – bang! – you lose your license.

This is why, if you hear from the Bureau of Automotive Repair for any reason whatsoever, the first thing you need to do is to drop everything else and contact SMOG Station Attorney William Ferreira at Automotive Defense Specialists. The clue is in our name. It is what we do. Yes, we are fully qualified lawyers, and we can handle your divorce or conveyancing if you are moving home, but we don’t. All we do is defend auto repair shop owners and technicians against the Sacramento’s powerful Bureau of Automotive Repair – especially when it involves undercover SMOG cars – and we get a lot of winners.

This is because our William Ferreira is not only an extremely clever lawyer, but he also spent several years in the auto repair business before he changed track and studied to become an attorney. So, he knows the auto repair business – and the BAR – inside out.


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