It Is Always Possible to Lose Your SMOG License Through the Bureau of Automotive Repair

If you run a SMOG shop in California, you need a SMOG shop license from the state agency that regulates SMOG shops (the Bureau of Automotive Repair). That’s great because it means that you have been checked out and approved by the state. In turn, that means that you can offer SMOG checks, which is a big boost to your business.A SMOG license is great, but you can always lose it.

However, when you have a SMOG shop license, there is always the possibility that you could lose it – and through no fault of your own. Having such a license means that you are open to attack from both sides. First, there are all the customers who jump up and down and scream and shout at you because you didn’t pass their vehicle.

Then you have the Bureau of Automotive Repair who (metaphorically) may jump up and down and scream and shout at you because you DID pass someone’s vehicle! Talk about a situation where you can’t win!

OK, as far as the customers are concerned, while it may not be pleasant, at least all they can do is scream and shout. But the Bureau of Automotive Repair can put you out of business, and that is a whole different ball game.

This is why, if you have any sort of contact from the Bureau of Automotive Repair, you need to come running. And we mean running to Automotive Defense Specialists, because you need the services of someone who can stand up in your corner and fight for you. You can’t do it on your own.

Your Chances Are Not Good If You Take the DIY Route

Well, that may not be totally true. But if you try to fight the Bureau of Automotive Repair on your own, your chances are not going to be good. The problem is that, when they believe that you have done something wrong, as far as they are concerned, their job now is to close you down. Take away your SMOG shop license and put you out of business. And they employ expensive lawyers whose job is to do just that.

This is why you need William Ferreira on your side to take them on. You could have no better lawyer fighting for you, because he is a specialist and spends all day and every day defending SMOG shop owners and technicians from the BAR.

As we have said before, he is a fully qualified attorney and he could easily handle your divorce or your conveyancing when you move home, but he doesn’t. He takes pride in defending people in the automotive business who have been attacked by the BAR and coming out the other side with yet another great big win!


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