The Difficult Truths of the SMOG Industry

Working as a SMOG technician can have its’ rewards, but there can also be problems that are not faced by many other types of business. Just to begin with you have the customers!SMOG

Yes, the customers can be really unpleasant and abusive when you have to fail their vehicle. This happens all the time on social media; an unhappy customer or owner gets “caught on video” and then things go South, quickly, (and we don’t mean South to San Diego). But things like that happen a lot less than in the SMOG business.

But customers are just one downside of the SMOG industry. There is another which can be far worse, and that is the Bureau of Automotive Repair. They provide you with your license, but they can also take it away! You don’t even have to have done anything wrong: they will try to take your license away simply because they have got it into their heads that you have made an error of some sort or another. In short, if they think that you are in the wrong, as far as they are concerned you are in the wrong!

But it can get even worse. Have you heard of Bureau of Automotive Repair undercover cars?

Huh? Bureau of Automotive Repair undercover cars?

Yes, undercover cars. This is very, very sneaky, and extremely controversial, but if they think that you have done something wrong, they will send out an undercover car with an error that is difficult to spot, and if you don’t spot it, as far as they are concerned that proves their case! And before you say: “I don’t believe it!” – you’d better believe it! Bureau of Automotive Repair undercover cars are a “thing”.

Controversial – But It Happens!

As we said, it is controversial, but it happens. The slightly better news is that, if such a thing should happen to you, you do have rights. You can fight them.

However, whatever else you do, don’t try to fight them on your own because their lawyers will run rings around you. You are in the area of the law here, and so you need a lawyer who understands the law. In much the same way that you are a specialist at what you do, a lawyer is a specialist at what he or she does, and in this case, none more qualified to help you than SMOG attorney, William Ferreira at Automotive Defense Specialists.

How so?

Because before he changed careers and qualified as an auto repair shop defense lawyer, he worked as an auto technician! He has done it all – complete engine rebuilds, R & R work, welding roll cages – you name it, he’s done it.

So not only does is he an attorney who understands the law, but he also understands everything to do with the job of an auto technician and SMOG specialist. You couldn’t have a better man on your side to fight the Bureau of Automotive Repair!


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