Are You a STAR at What You Do? Of Course, You Are a STAR Smog Station.

Are you a star? Well, “star” can mean many things such as SUPERSTAR. Think Jennifer Aniston, Tom Cruise, Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson, Samuel L. Jackson, and a whole lot more.

The vast majority of people also try to be stars at their job. This can be more difficult, depending upon their abilities. Some people are just better at doing certain things than others, but if you want to get on in your career then it pays to do your absolute best. Even if you are not a star, if you perform well, then you will get on in your career.

But in California, “star” has another meaning in the auto technician business. Here we are talking about the STAR program in the SMOG industry. In order to qualify for the STAR program, you have to perform to the very highest of standards, and that is a reasonable requirement. Let’s face it, we suffer from some serious SMOG issues in CA, and everything that we can do to help the environment is a benefit for all of us. So, obtaining a STAR license should be an aim for all auto technicians and businesses. And if you do obtain one, then you can certainly be proud of yourself.

However, having a STAR license comes with a certain amount of risk, and that is that there is always the possibility of losing it – through no fault of your own!

Yes, sad to say, but in California, we have the Bureau of Automotive Repair. And that entity is the one that regulates and oversees the STAR program and those engaged in it.

Too Big For Its Boots

Now in one sense it is a good thing that we have a regulatory system that oversees the SMOG industry and (hopefully) deals with the small number of “cowboys” that exist, not only in this business, but in most others as well. However, it can also backfire very easily because many people would say that the BAR has become – to use the old expression – “too big for its’ boots”.

Yes, it oversees the industry, but it can also mean that those who work in it can run the risk of losing their license even though they have done nothing wrong.

So, if you have a STAR license, and you are contacted by the BAR, the first thing you need to do is to find a STAR program lawyer to stand up for your rights. Too often, people working in the industry, both business owners and auto technicians, can find themselves being hunted by the BAR for the simple reason that the BAR thinks they have done something wrong.

If this should happen to you, do not try to deal with them yourself because they will walk all over you! You need a STAR program lawyer such as our William Ferreira who knows how to fight them on your behalf. He should do. He has been doing nothing else for the last ten years! And very successfully too!

So, if you are contacted in any way, shape, or form by the BAR, drop whatever you are doing and appoint Mr. Ferreira as your STAR program lawyer.

Then you can get on with what you do best while he ensures that you don’t lose your license!


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