If You Need a Defense Attorney for the Bureau of Automotive Repair, Google Will Confuse You

The mighty Google is the preferred search engine for a very large proportion of the world population. Sure, there are others – Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, and so on – but the majority of people will use Google.Google can be very confusing sometimes if you need a BAR attorney.

However, even Google can be confusing sometimes. If you work in the auto repair business or a SMOG shop, whether as an owner or technician – or perhaps both – you may well find the threat of the Bureau of Automotive Repair looming over you.

Now in one sense the Bureau of Automotive Repair does a good job. It is there to oversee the auto repair / SMOG shop business in California and ensure that any “cowboy” operatives are put out of business. So, to that extent, that is good for all of us. We need to do everything that we possibly can to keep pollution to a minimum.

Cowboys Are Only a Small Part of the Problem

However, the cowboys are only a small part of the problem. The vast majority of auto repair and SMOG shops do their absolute best to keep to the regulations and do a good job. But this is where problems can arise, because the Bureau of Automotive Repair seems to have gotten it into its’ head that if there is the slightest whiff of suspicion about you or your business, you are one of the cowboys and you need to go. In the majority of cases, this is not the truth, but the problem is that the BAR thinks it is. And when the BAR thinks that you are in the wrong, it will come gunning for you.

This is when you need the help of a Bureau of Automotive Repair attorney who can take the BAR on for you and defend your case. Make no mistake: if you know that you have done nothing wrong and so “it will all sort itself out in due course”, it won’t! Trust us, you need a Bureau of Automotive Repair attorney on your side. If you try to tackle them on your own, they will trample you into the ground.

However, if you Google “Bureau of Automotive Repair attorney” the problem is that Google will continually circle you around to the Bureau of Automotive Repair. You don’t want an attorney who works FOR the Bureau of Automotive Repair, (although they do have their own attorneys), you want a Bureau of Automotive Repair attorney who works against them!

That would be William Ferreira at Automotive Defense Specialists. The name of his firm tells you what you need to know. In fact, he is a specialist to such an extent that he does nothing else all day and every day except defend auto repair shop / SMOG shop owners and technicians against the BAR!

When the Bureau of Automotive Repair is after you, he’s the man you need.


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