Bureau of Automotive Repair: Information on the STAR Program

We keep a close eye on the Bureau of Automotive Repair, since as a public agency they are required to release quite a bit of information. Let’s face it, however: sometimes the information is hard to find, and even harder to interpret. Accordingly, we get a lot of calls from station owners and technicians who are confused as to how to find this, or that, on the Bureau of Automotive Repair website. Sometimes they can’t even find the phone number, having just received a Bureau of Automotive Repair citation or letter. They’re a a bit panicked. Of course, we can help since we are attorneys specializing in BAR-related problems. But sometimes it’s just a simple request.

Informational Resources on the Bureau of Automotive Repair: STAR Program

In that spirit, we’ve perused some information on the Internet, relating specifically to the Bureau of Automotive Repair STAR Program. Here are some informational links and summaries:

  • Bureau of Automotive Repair Website at http://www.bar.ca.gov/.  The home page, of course, is your starting point for everything BAR, and they have it broken down into Consumer, Industry, Enforcement, Forms / Publications, and an About BAR tab.
  • STAR Program specific information is at http://www.bar.ca.gov/Industry/STAR_Program/index.html.  Bureau of Automotive Repair, Rancho Cordova, CABelow that, click or hover your mouse over Information / Applying for STAR / or Report Card.
    • Information –
      • Questions and Answers about the STAR program, “How to improve” your STAR score, as well as terms used on the STAR Report Card.
    • Applying for STAR –
      • Learn about how to apply to become a STAR station, as well as some esoterica such as what is the Follow’up Pass Rate (FPR) and an eligibility chart.  You can also learn what the eligibility requirements are to join the STAR Program.
    • Report Card
      • If you are already in the STAR program, you can learn about the Report Card and view your data online.  Simply visit http://www.bar.ca.gov/pubwebquery/star/welcome.aspx and there you can input your Station Number and/or Inspector Number to see relevant information.

Contacting the BAR (Bureau of Automotive Repair) of California

Physically, the BAR is located at 10949 North Mather Boulevard in Rancho Cordova, CA 95670.  The “BAR Industry Help Desk” is at 866-860-8509 and the Licensing Unit at 800-952-5210.  On the Contact Us page one can also see a listing of all the BAR locations throughout California.

Problems with the BAR such as a STAR Citation or Letter?

The reality is that many station owners are quite perplexed in their dealings with California’s BAR. They might receive a letter, a citation, or even an accusation from the BAR – all formal legal documents indicating an issue with respect to their license. If you are facing that situation, contact our office, immediately, for a free consultation at 800-561-9860.


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